St Bartholomew's Church, Dublin
St Bartholomew's Church, Dublin is a parish church
Parish church
A parish church , in Christianity, is the church which acts as the religious centre of a parish, the basic administrative unit of episcopal churches....

 in the Church of Ireland
Church of Ireland
The Church of Ireland is an autonomous province of the Anglican Communion. The church operates in all parts of Ireland and is the second largest religious body on the island after the Roman Catholic Church...

 on the Clyde Road
Clyde Road
Clyde Road runs from Wellington Place to a junction with Pembroke Road and Herbert Park in Ballsbridge. It intersects Raglan Road, Elgin Road and Wellington Road....

 located in Ballsbridge
Ballsbridge is a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, named for the bridge spanning the River Dodder on the south side of the city. The sign on the bridge still proclaims it as "Ball's Bridge" in recognition of the fact that the original bridge in this location was built and owned by a Mr...

, Dublin.


St Bartholomew's Church, Clyde Road, was consecrated in 1867. Many of its original features are intact, such as the sanctuary mosaics and the elaborate wrought iron choir screen.

The architect was Thomas Henry Wyatt
Thomas Henry Wyatt
Thomas Henry Wyatt was an Irish British architect. He had a prolific and distinguished career, being elected President of the Royal Institute of British Architects 1870-73 and awarded their Royal Gold Medal for Architecture in 1873...


The rectory was built in 1872 by the architect James Edward Rogers.

List of Vicars

  • Arthur Altham Dawson 1864 - 1871
  • Richard Travers Smith 1871 - 1905
  • Harry Vere White 1905 - 1918 (later Bishop of Limerick
    Bishop of Limerick
    The Bishop of Limerick is an episcopal title which takes its name after the city of Limerick in the Province of Munster, Ireland. In the Roman Catholic Church it still continues as a separate title, but in the Church of Ireland it has been united with other bishoprics.-History:The diocese of...

  • Walter Cadden Simpson 1918 - 1951
  • Robert Norman Sidney Craig 1951 - 1957
  • Henry Homan Warner 1957 - 1964
  • James Maurice George Carey 1964 - 1972
  • John Thomas Farquhar Paterson 1972 - 1987 (later Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
    Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
    The Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin is the senior official of that church, the cathedral of the United Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough in the Church of Ireland, and head of the Chapter, its governing body...

  • John Robert Winder Neill
    John Neill
    John Robert Winder Neill was the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin until the end of January 2011.The fourth generation of his family to become a clergyman, John Neill was educated in Dublin at the Avoca School and at Sandford Park. He attended the University of Dublin , Jesus College and...

     1978 - 1985 (later Archbishop of Dublin
    Archbishop of Dublin (Church of Ireland)
    The Archbishop of Dublin is the title of the senior cleric who presides over the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough in the Church of Ireland...

  • John Andrew McKay 1985 - 2000
  • William James Ritchie 2000 - 2004
  • Michael Thompson 2004 - 2007
  • Andrew McCroskery 2008 -


The church is celebrated for its fine music. The choir of boys and men, the only remaining all-male parish church choir in the country, generally sings at least one of the choral services each Sunday during term-time. The remainder are sung by the girls’ choir (formed five years ago and now playing an increasingly prominent role in the church’s regular worship as well as undertaking a programme of regular concerts and joint events around the city and country), the Elgin Chorale (which sings during choir vacations) and the newly formed chamber choir the Clyde Chorale. The choirs’ repertoire is fully representative of the major styles of choral music from the sixteenth century up to the present day. With its superb acoustic, splendid organ and convenient location, Saint Bartholomew’s is becoming more widely known as an excellent concert venue. Details of forthcoming events and services can be found on the church's website.

The Organ

The organ was built in 1887 by Gray & Davison. Rebuilt in 1925, it was then left largely unaltered until 1963 when another firm, J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd
J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd
J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd is a British firm of organ builders established in 1828 by Joseph William Walker in London. Walker organs were popular additions to churches during the Gothic Revival era of church building and restoration in Victorian Britain, and instruments built by Walker are found in...

, undertook a major restoration. The organ was last rebuilt by Trevor Crowe of Dublin in 2002.

The first radio broadcast of an organ recital at the church was made in 1935.


  • William Henry Owen 1867 - 1883
  • J. C. Marks 1883 - 1884
  • William Henry Vipond Barry 1884 - 1938
  • Edward Samson Fry 1938 - 1946
  • Alfred S. Burrowes 1946 - 1956
  • G. David Lee 1956 - 1970
  • David Milne 1970 - 1985
  • Malcolm Wisener 1985 - 2007 (now organist of Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral Cork
    Cork (city)
    Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland and the island of Ireland's third most populous city. It is the principal city and administrative centre of County Cork and the largest city in the province of Munster. Cork has a population of 119,418, while the addition of the suburban...

  • Fraser Wilson 2008 -
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