St. Edmund's School (Hindhead)
St. Edmund's School is a coeducational nursery, pre-prep and preparatory school originally founded in Hunstanton
Hunstanton, often pronounced by locals as and known colloquially as 'Sunny Hunny', is a seaside town in Norfolk, England, facing The Wash....

, Norfolk, England in 1874, and subsequently moved to Hindhead
Hindhead is a village in Surrey, England, about 11 miles south-west of Guildford. Neighbouring settlements include Haslemere, Grayshott and Beacon Hill. Hindhead is the highest village in Surrey...

, Surrey, England in 1900, where the school moved into a large country house named Blen Cathra, previously a home of George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics. Although his first profitable writing was music and literary criticism, in which capacity he wrote many highly articulate pieces of journalism, his main talent was for drama, and he wrote more than 60...

, and residing on 35 acres (14.2 ha) of land. The original school in Hunstanton was purchased by Howard Cambridge Barber in 1901 and renamed Glebe House School
Glebe House School & Nursery
Glebe House School & Nursery is an independent coeducational day and weekly boarding school for children from the age of six months to 13 years , located in the Victorian seaside town of Hunstanton, Norfolk, England.- About Glebe House :Glebe House School began life in 1874 under the name of St...


Notable Old Boys

  • Christopher Isherwood
    Christopher Isherwood
    Christopher William Bradshaw Isherwood was an English-American novelist.-Early life and work:Born at Wyberslegh Hall, High Lane, Cheshire in North West England, Isherwood spent his childhood in various towns where his father, a Lieutenant-Colonel in the British Army, was stationed...

  • W. H. Auden
    W. H. Auden
    Wystan Hugh Auden , who published as W. H. Auden, was an Anglo-American poet,The first definition of "Anglo-American" in the OED is: "Of, belonging to, or involving both England and America." See also the definition "English in origin or birth, American by settlement or citizenship" in See also...

  • John Schlesinger
    John Schlesinger
    John Richard Schlesinger, CBE was an English film and stage director and actor.-Early life:Schlesinger was born in London into a middle-class Jewish family, the son of Winifred Henrietta and Bernard Edward Schlesinger, a physician...

  • Jonathan Dimbleby
    Jonathan Dimbleby
    Jonathan Dimbleby is a British presenter of current affairs and political radio and television programmes, a political commentator and a writer. He is the son of Richard Dimbleby and younger brother of British TV presenter David Dimbleby.-Education:Dimbleby was educated at Charterhouse School, a...

  • King Abdullah II
  • Anthony Loyd
    Anthony Loyd
    Anthony William Vivian Loyd is an English journalist, noted war correspondent, and former British Army officer who saw active service in the First Gulf War.-Biography:...

  • John Shearman
    John Shearman
    John Kinder Gowran Shearman was an English art historian who also taught in America. He was a specialist in Italian Renaissance painting, regarded by many as "the outstanding figure" of his generation in this area, who published several influential works, but whose expected major books on...

  • Guy Siner
    Guy Siner
    Guy Siner is an American-born English actor known for his role as Lieutenant Hubert Gruber in the British television series Allo 'Allo!.-Early life:...

  • Harold Edward Musson
    Nanavira Thera
    Ñāṇavīra Thera born Harold Edward Musson was an English Theravāda Buddhist monk, ordained in 1950 in Sri Lanka...

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