Squib may refer to:
  • Squib (explosive)
    Squib (explosive)
    A squib is a miniature explosive device used in a wide range of industries, from special effects to military applications. It resembles a tiny stick of dynamite, both in appearance and construction, although with considerably less explosive power...

  • Squib (Harry Potter)
  • Squib (Star Wars)
  • Squib (weblog)
    Squib (weblog)
    Squib is a free, open source, weblog publishing application available under the liberal MIT Licence. Squib is written in the Ruby programming language and uses the Ruby on Rails web framework.-History:...

  • Squib (writing)
  • Squib kick
    Squib kick
    A squib kick is a term used in American football meaning a short, low, line drive kickoff that usually bounces around on the ground before it can be picked up by a member of the receiving team. The ball is kicked so short that it forces the receiving team's slower players to recover the ball first...

    , a football play
  • Squib load
    Squib load
    A squib load, also known as a squib round, pop and no kick, or just a squib, is a firearms malfunction in which a fired projectile does not have enough force behind it to exit the barrel, and thus becomes stuck...

    , a firearm malfunction
  • Squib sailboat
    Squib sailboat
    A Squib is a type of small racing keelboat designed in 1967 by Oliver Lee as a successor to the Ajax 23. It is a strict "one-design" class of boat, having a length of 5.79m, beam of 1.87m, a sail area of 15.8 sq m and a weight of 680kg . The usual crew is two people and the boat can be cruised or...

  • Squibs (1921 film)
    Squibs (1921 film)
    Squibs is a 1921 British silent comedy film directed by George Pearson and starring Betty Balfour, Hugh E. Wright and Fred Groves. It was followed by three sequels starting with Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep and a 1935 remake.-Cast:...

    , a 1921 film starring Betty Balfour
    Betty Balfour
    Betty Balfour was an English screen actress, popular during the silent era, and known as the "British Mary Pickford" and "Britain's Queen of Happiness"...

  • Squibs (1935 film), a 1935 remake film also starring Balfour
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