Spray Network
Spray Network AB is Swedish Internet company that runs the web portal
Web portal
A web portal or links page is a web site that functions as a point of access to information in the World Wide Web. A portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way....

 spray.se. Spray was founded in 1995, was bought by Lycos Europe
Lycos Europe
Lycos Europe was a pan-European network of websites, offering services including communication tools, online communities, web search, e-commerce, web hosting, homepage building and Internet access. It was an independent corporation, sharing no corporate structure with Lycos, Inc...

, but was sold to Allers
Allers (publisher)
Allers is a publishing house and pictorial daily magazine published in Sweden published since 1879. Originally called the Illustrated Family-Journal it was a Swedish version of the Danish Illustreret Familie-Journal founded in 1877 by Carl Aller....

 in 2006. spray.se has about 750 000 visitors per week.

In 2004 Spray bought the Swedish Internet service business from Tiscali
Tiscali may refer to:*Tiscali, an archaeological village of Nuragici people, in Sardinia, Italy, notable because it was completely inside a huge cavern*Tiscali SpA, a telecom company based in Italy*Tiscali TV , multiple uses...

. The telecom subsidiary, Spray Telekom was later sold to Glocalnet in 2007.

It is the owner of Spray Date
Spray Date
Spray Date is an online dating website run by Spray Network AB. It is mostly free, but for a fee users get access to larger images and more search options. The site is available in several countries and the Swedish version has over 700 000 members and is the largest dating site in Sweden. The...

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