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The gardens of Al-Hussein in Amman
Amman is the capital of Jordan. It is the country's political, cultural and commercial centre and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The Greater Amman area has a population of 2,842,629 as of 2010. The population of Amman is expected to jump from 2.8 million to almost...

, the city of Al-Hassan for youth in Irbid
Irbid , known in ancient times as Arabella or Arbela , is the capital and largest city of the Irbid Governorate. It also has the second largest metropolitan population in Jordan after Amman, with a population of around 660,000, and is located about 70 km north of Amman on the northern ridge of...

 and the city of Prince Mohammad youth in Zarqa
Az-Zarqāʔ is a city in Jordan located to the northeast of Amman. With a population of more than one million 1000,000. It is the country's second largest city after Amman. Zarqa is the capital of Zarqa Governorate . Its name means "the blue one".- Overview :Zarqa is Jordan's industrial centre, home...

 helped partnerships. Jordanian, Arab, regional and many international championships received high turnout and much attention from Jordanian youth; in particular for football and basketball. Games, self-defense, swimming, tennis, labour and equestrian sports are all eagerly accepted by young people in this


Football is the most popular sport in most countries and Jordan is no exception. In every area, from Khalda all the way to Al Hashimi Al-Janoobial, most every street people play football. Football is becoming increasingly popular in Jordan, especially because of the large recent improvements in Jordan's National Football Team
Jordan national football team
The Jordan national football team is the national team of Jordan and is controlled by the Jordan Football Association...

. The National Football Team reached 37th in September 2004 according to the FIFA Rankings. Little Leagues and Youth Clubs related to football are also very popular in Jordan, some of which are supervised and run by the Jordan Football Association
Jordan Football Association
The Jordan Football Association is the governing body of football in Jordan.-Affiliation:* FIFA* AFC* Union Arab de Football Federation* WAFF-External links:* * * at AFC site...


The Jordan League which is similar to the English Premier League, attracts reasonable crowds each week once the season has begun. The league which began in 1944 has seen huge growth in the past decade, with new teams, improved players, new stadiums and highly paid Managers. Under the Jordan League
Jordan League
The Jordan League is the highest division in football in Jordan. The league was played in 1944 for the first time.-Jordan League of 2011-12:*Al-Arabi *Al-Baqa'a SC *Al-Faisaly *Al-Jalil *Al-Jazeera *Al-Ramtha...

 is the Second Division Jordan League. However the bottom two teams in the first division get relegated at the end of the season, whilst the top two teams in the second division are promoted. In doing this it gives teams in the second division a bigger motivation to do well in the league, whilst at the same time makes sure that teams in the first division always try their best to avoid relegation.

In 2008/09 season the teams in the first division are:
  • Al-Arabi
    Al-Arabi (Jordan football club)
    Al-Arabi is a football club in Jordan and part of the Jordan League.-Current Squad: -Famous/Notable Players: Abraham Kopi Musa Watra Mahmoud Al-Sayed Mohammad Hussein Maher Al-Jadaa Anas Bani Yaseen Tariq Jummah Ibrahim Al Hasan Ahmed Idrees Hussein Qayshani...

  • Al Buqa'a
    Al Buqa'a
    Al-Baqa'a SC is a Jordanian club based in Amman. It was founded in 1968, formed by another Palestinian refugee camp in Amman, Jordan...

  • Al-Faisaly
    Al-Faisaly is a Jordanian football club in the Jordan Football Association's competitions , it's based in Amman, winning the League a record 31 times, the Cup 16 times, the Shield 6 times and the Super Cup 13 times.Some of these Al-Faisaly players are frequently chosen to play on the Jordan...

  • Al Hussein Irbid
    Al Hussein Irbid
    Al-Hussein is a football club based in Irbid which competes in the Jordan League.Al-Hussein participated in the 2005 AFC Cup, winning its group. The club has never won the Jordan League or Jordan FA Cup, but are three-time winners of the Jordan FA Shield and winners of the 2003 Jordan Super Cup...

  • Al-Jazeera Club Amman
    Al-Jazeera Club Amman
    Al-Jazeera is a Jordanian club based in Amman. It was founded in 1947. They play at the Petra Stadium.In the early forties of the last century, the collection consisted of the boys brought them many traits in common, including...

  • Al Wahdat
  • Shabab Al-Hussein
    Shabab Al-Hussein
    Shabab Al-Hussein is a Jordanian football club based in Amman, Jordan.- Honors :*Jordan FA Cup**Finalist : 2005*Jordan FA Shield**Finalist : 2000, 2003- External links :*...

  • Shabab Al-Ordon
  • Al-Yarmouk
    Al-Yarmouk FC is Jordan a football based in Amman, the club is currently part of the Jordan League.- Current squad :...

     (Promoted from 2nd level)
  • Ittihad Al-Ramtha (Promoted from 2nd level)

Whilst the following were relegated.
  • Al Ahli Amman
    Al Ahli Amman
    Al-Ahli is a Jordanian football club currently part of the Jordan League.-Former/Notable Players:Anas TareefRa'ed Al-NawateerAhmed NawfalAlaa' Al-MawmaniBassam Al-KhatibAnzour NafashEliseo GiusfrediEdgard Lima de MeloLuca Cesarini...

     - Relegated
  • Al Ramtha
    Al Ramtha
    Al-Ramtha SC is a Jordanian football club based in Ramtha, Jordan. After the relegation of Ittihad Al-Ramtha, all the players of that club have been moved to this one....

     - Relegated


Major improvements are also occurring in basketball in Jordan. The National Basketball Team is now being sponsored by Zain
-People:*as a given name in general , orwith a first name of Zain*Zain Abbas , a Pakistan-born cricketer*Zain Amat , a Singaporean trapshooter*Zain Awan , an India-born Arab TV journalist...

 and participating in various Arab and Middle East Basketball competitions. Local teams include: Al-Orthodoxi Club, Al-Riyadi, Zain, Al-Hussein and Al-Jazeera.


Even though only a small percentage of Jordanians actually play tennis, many more people are interested in watching tennis matches. With the Australian Open Finals of 2009 recording huge numbers from Jordan.

& there's also some of small places to play tennis in jordan like al madenah al-reyadiyah
i wish that jordan care more about of this sport it's really nice & we can like :
build more tennis courts , bring more coatchs for tennis & we can let the price of playing be a bet cheaper so more people will be able to play & i hope for global tournaments soon.

also More tennis clubs are popping up across the capital Amman, with many hoping the sport will become bigger not only in Jordan but in the Middle-East.


Although cycling is not a very famous sport in Jordan, the sport is developing rapidly as a lifestyle and a new way to travel and explore the country especially among the youth.

The governing body of cycling in jordan is the Jordanian cycling federation JCF

Cycling clubs in jordan:
  • Tareef cycling club

The idea of establishing Tareef cycling club "the first cycling team in Jordan" came about in March 1982, at the University of Jordan, and specifically in the Faculty of Engineering, when the late young chap Tareef Khayyat was the secretary of the cycling committee, before the cycling Association was established. Tareef, an amiable good mannered young man, died suddenly. A number of his colleagues took the initiative to establish a cycling team that carried his name. The team participated in the first formal race held by the cycling Association in Jordan on 14th October 1982 and topped the event. The cycling races continued to be held, and Tareef’s Team dominated almost all individual and team scores. Consequently, it was decided to convert this team into an officially registered club.

Not with standing the many difficulties facing Tareef friends, those young people were able to obtain licensee to establish this club on 21st April 1983, under the name of Tareef. Significantly, they were also able, after nine days of the club’s establishment, to organize the Annual Tareef Race on the first anniversary of Tareef’s demise on 30 the April, 1983, under the gracious patronage of HRH Crown Prince Al-Hassan, which proved to be a significant event in the history of cycling in jordan.
  • Al arabi club

  • Maan Club

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