Soyuz 38

Backup crew

Mission parameters

  • Mass: 6800 kg
  • Perigee: 199.7 km
  • Apogee: 273.5 km
  • Inclination: 51.63°
  • Period: 88.194 minutes

Mission highlights

12th expedition to Salyut 6. 7th international crew. Carried Intercosmos cosmonaut from Cuba. The Soyuz 38 docking occurred in darkness. As the
spacecraft approached Salyut 6, the Dniepers
Soyuz 35
-Backup crew:-Mission parameters:*Mass: *Perigee: *Apogee: *Inclination: 51.65°*Period: 88.81 minutes-Crew launch, station activation:...

could see only its “headlights.”
Ryumin filmed ignition and operation of the transport’s main engine.
Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez of Cuba and Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko
docked without incident.


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