Soyuz 27
Soyuz 27 was a 1978 Soviet manned spacecraft which flew to the orbiting Salyut 6
Salyut 6
Salyut 6 , DOS-5, was a Soviet orbital space station, the eighth flown as part of the Salyut programme. Launched on 29 September 1977 by a Proton rocket, the station was the first of the 'second-generation' type of space station. Salyut 6 possessed several revolutionary advances over the earlier...

 space station, during the mission EP-1
Salyut 6 EP-1
Soyuz 6 EP-1 was a 1978 Soviet manned space flight to the orbiting Salyut 6 space station, during the expedition EO-1. It was the third manned flight to the station, and the second successful docking. It was also the first crew to visit an occupied station and marked the first time that three...

. It was the third manned flight to the station, and the second successful docking. Once docked, it marked the first time that three spacecraft were docked together.

The main function of the EP-1 mission was to swap Soyuz craft with the orbiting crew, in so doing freeing a docking port for a forthcoming supply tanker. Cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov
Vladimir Dzhanibekov
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dzhanibekov is a former cosmonaut who made five flights.He was born in the remote area of Iskandar in Tashkent Province, Uzbekistan. He changed his surname from Krysin when he married to honor his wife's family, which was noble kin of the descendants of the medieval Kazakh...

 and Oleg Makarov returned to earth in the Soyuz 26
Soyuz 26
Soyuz 26 was Soviet manned mission, used to launch the crew of Salyut 6 EO-1, the first long duration crew on the space station Salyut 6.The Soyuz spacecraft was launched on December 10, 1977, and docked with the space station the next day...

 spacecraft after spending five days on the station.


Backup crew

Mission parameters

  • Mass: 6800 kg (14,991.4 lb)
  • Perigee: 198.9 km (123.6 mi)
  • Apogee: 253.8 km (157.7 mi)
  • Inclination: 51.65°
  • Period: 88.73 minutes

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