Sony Music Latin
Sony Music Latin is a record label owned by Sony Music Entertainnment. The label focuses on artists for Latin music.

Labels distributed by Sony Music Latin

  • Pina Records
    Pina Records
    Pina Records is a Puerto Rican record label founded by Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves. It is the most famous and successful record label in the reggaeton music industry due to its long background history and artists...

  • Top Stop Music
    Top Stop Music
    Top Stop Music is an independent record label founded by Puerto Rican producer, Sergio George in 2009.-History:Sergio George was known for producing albums for salsa musicians during his work with RMM Records & Video during the 1990s. Following the purchase of RMM Records in 2001, George left the...

  • Premium Latin Music

List of artists on Sony Music Latin

  • Alexis & Fido
  • Ana Gabriel
    Ana Gabriel
    Ana Gabriel is a Mexican singer and composer.Ana Gabriel was born as María Guadalupe Araujo Yong, in Santiago de Comanito, Sinaloa, Mexico. She first sang on the stage at age six, singing "Regalo A Dios" by José Alfredo Jiménez. She moved to Tijuana, Baja California and studied accounting...

  • Banda Machos
    Banda Machos
    Banda Machos is a Mexican band originally from Villa Corona, in the state of Jalisco. The band sings a combination of Banda music, Quebradita, and Ranchera...

  • Calle 13
    Calle 13
    Calle 13 is a Spanish cable/satellite television channel. Owned by Universal Studios Networks Spain, Calle 13 promotes itself as a channel of suspense and action and its available on Digital+ satellite TV platform and on all Spanish cable TV platforms....

  • Camila
    Camila (band)
    Camila is a Mexican soft rock group which reached staggering success in their home country and all over Latin America upon the release of their debut album Todo Cambió. It consists of vocalist, composer and producer Mario Domm, vocalist Samuel Parra and guitarist Pablo Hurtado, founded by Domm...

  • Chayanne
    Elmer Figueroa Arce , best known under the stage name Chayanne, is a Puerto Rican Latin pop singer and actor. As a solo artist, Chayanne has released 21 solo-albums and sold over 20 million albums worldwide.-Early life:...

  • Cumbre Norteña
  • Da' Zoo
  • Daddy Yankee
    Daddy Yankee
    Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez , known artistically as Daddy Yankee, is a Latin Grammy Award winning Puerto Rican Reggaeton recording artist. Ayala was born in Río Piedras, the largest district of San Juan, where he became interested in music at a young age. In his youth he was interested in baseball,...

  • Draco
  • Dyland & Lenny
    Dyland & Lenny
    Dyland & Lenny are a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo, consisting of Carlos Castillo Cruz and Julio Manuel González Tavarez . They started their career in 2009. Their biggest hits are "Nadie Te Amará Como Yo", "Quiere Pa' Que Te Quieran", "Caliente" and their new single "Pégate Más"...

  • Ednita Nazario
    Ednita Nazario
    Ednita Nazario is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who has achieved stardom both at home and abroad. She has been in the music business from a young age, and has released over twenty albums throughout her career....

  • El Canto del Loco
    El Canto del Loco
    El Canto del Loco is a Spanish pop rock band, although its members recognize that some of their songs are more in the style of power pop....

  • El Compa Chuy
  • El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
  • Fito Páez
    Fito Páez
    Rodolfo "Fito" Páez Ávalos is an Argentine popular rock and roll pianist, lyricist, Spanish language singer and film director.-Early career:...

  • Fey
    Fey may refer to:* A word meaning "wild or crazy acting", often ascribed to supernatural causes and evidenced by abnormal behavior...

  • Franco De Vita
    Franco De Vita
    Franco De Vita is a singer-songwriter of Latin music. His first disc as a solo artist garnered three Spanish-language hits in Venezuela. He signed with the Sony label in 1988, and in 1990, his album Extranjero had a song that reached No. 1 on the U.S. Latin charts and won an MTV Video Music Award...

  • Gerardo Ortiz
  • Gilberto Santa Rosa
    Gilberto Santa Rosa
    Gilberto Santa Rosa, also known as "El Caballero de la Salsa" , is a Puerto Rican bandleader and singer of salsa and bolero.-Early years:...

  • Gustavo Cerati
    Gustavo Cerati
    Gustavo Adrián Cerati Clark is an Argentine rock musician, singer-songwriter, composer and record producer. He was the frontman, lead vocalist, lead guitarist and lead songwriter of the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo, one of the most influential bands of latin rock music. In the early 90s, with...

  • Ian Tresidder
  • Intocable
    Intocable is a Tejano/Norteño musical group from Zapata, Texas that was started by friends Ricky Muñoz and René Martínez in the early 90's. Within a couple years as a band, Intocable had already risen to the top of the Tejano and Norteño fields with a musical signature that had fused Tejano's...

  • Julieta Venegas
    Julieta Venegas
    Julieta Venegas Percevault , known professionally as Julieta Venegas, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, who sings pop-rock in Spanish. She speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish fluently. She has a twin sister, Yvonne, who is a photographer...

  • Kalimba
  • Kany García
    Kany García
    Encarnita "Kany" García De Jesus is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter. Born in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, García first appeared on television in 2004 as a contestant on Objetivo Fama...

  • La Quinta Estación
  • Los Originales de San Juan
  • Los Pikadientes de Caborca
    Los Pikadientes de Caborca
    Los Pikadientes de Caborca are a Mexican musical group whose debut single, "La Cumbia del Río," charted on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks in 2008....

  • Los Reyes de Arranque
  • Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony is an American singer-songwriter, actor and producer. Anthony is the top selling tropical salsa artist of all time. The two-time Grammy and three-time Latin Grammy–winner has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. He is best known for his Latin salsa numbers and ballads...

  • Mennores
  • NG2
    NG2 is a Puerto Rican Salsa duo formed by Norberto Vélez and Gerardo Rivas. Rivas is the son of Jerry Rivas, one of the singers of El Gran Combo. Rivas also enjoyed early fame during his childhood as the lead singer of "Gerardito y los Rockolos"....

  • NOTA
  • Noel Schajris
  • Oscar D'León
    Oscar D'León
    Oscar Emilio León Somoza, better known as Oscar D'León is a Venezuelan musician who became internationally famous for his salsa music. In Spanish, he is known as El Sonero del Mundo . His most famous song is perhaps "Llorarás," which he recorded in 1975 with his group La Dimensión Latina...

  • Pedro Capo
  • Pitbull
    Pitbull (rapper)
    Armando Christian Pérez , better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer. His first recorded performance was from the Lil Jon album Kings of Crunk in 2002, after which he released his debut album in 2004 titled M.I.A.M.I. under TVT Records...

  • Playa Limbo
  • Raphael
    Raphael (singer)
    For the French singer Raphael see Raphaël HarocheMiguel Rafael Martos Sánchez , often simply referred to as Raphael, is a worldwide acclaimed Spanish singer and television, film and theatre actor...

  • Reik
    Reik is a Latin Grammy-winning Mexican band from Mexicali, Baja California formed by Jesús Alberto Navarro Rosas , Julio Ramírez Eguía , and Gilberto Marín Espinoza...

  • Ricky Martin
    Ricky Martin
    Enrique "Ricky" Martín Morales , better known as Ricky Martin, is a Puerto Rican and Spanish pop singer and actor who achieved prominence, first as a member of the Latin boy band Menudo, then as a solo artist since 1991.During his career he has sold more than 60 million album copies worldwide...

  • Rocío Dúrcal
    Rocío Dúrcal
    Rocío Dúrcal , born as María de los Ángeles de Las Heras Ortíz, was a Spanish singer and actress, known artistically as Rocío Durcal. Spanish is the best selling solo albums with more than 80 million to date...

  • Shakira
    Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll , known professionally as Shakira , is a Colombian singer who emerged in the music scene of Colombia and Latin America in the early 1990s...

  • Thalía
    Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda , known simply by the mononym Thalía , is a Mexican singer and actress. She has sold over 40 million albums worldwide...

  • Toby Love
    Toby Love
    Octavio Rivera better known by his stage name Toby Love, is a Puerto Rican bachata musician. Love is known for performing a style of bachata music that combines traditional and urban singing and production.-Background:...

  • Vicente Fernández
    Vicente Fernández
    Vicente Fernández Gómez is a Mexican singer, producer and actor. Known as Chente or El rey de la canción ranchera throughout the Latin world, Vicente Fernández, who started his career singing for tips on the street, has become a cultural icon, recording more than 50 albums and contributing to...

  • Vicentico
    Gabriel Julio Fernández Capello is a musician and composer better known by his stage name Vicentico. Co-founder and vocalist of the band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs along with Flavio Cianciarulo...

  • Voltio
    Julio Voltio is one of the reggaetón genre's best-known artists.His nickname came to be as the result of an accident. Before joining Karel, he worked as an electrician. One day, he stuck his hand in the wrong place and got shocked...

  • Yanni
    Yanni , born Yiannis Hrysomallis is a Greek self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and composer who has spent most of his life in the United States.He earned Grammy nominations for his 1992 album, Dare to Dream, and the 1993 follow-up, In My Time...

  • Yuridia

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