Sol over Gudhjem
Sol over Gudhjem, literally 'sun over Gudhjem
Allinge-Gudhjem is a former municipality in Denmark, on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.The municipality covered an area of 154 km², and had a total population of 7,658....

', is a Danish dish, an open sandwich with rugbrød
Rugbrød is a very commonly used bread in Denmark. The common rugbrød usually resembles a long brown rectangle, no more than 12 cm high, and 30–35 cm wide, although shapes and sizes may vary, as well as the ingredients...

, smoked herring, chives and a raw egg yolk (the "sun") on top. The island of Bornholm
Bornholm is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea located to the east of the rest of Denmark, the south of Sweden, and the north of Poland. The main industries on the island include fishing, arts and crafts like glass making and pottery using locally worked clay, and dairy farming. Tourism is...

, where Gudhjem is situated, is known for its smoking houses (røgerier).
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