Socialistische Partij
Socialistische Partij may refer to

Netherlands parties:
  • Socialist Party (Netherlands)
    Socialist Party (Netherlands)
    The Socialist Party is a democratic socialist political party in the Netherlands. After the 2006 general election, the Socialist Party became one of the major parties of the Netherlands with 25 seats of 150, an increase of 16 seats. The party was in opposition against the fourth Balkenende cabinet...

  • Socialist Party (Netherlands, interbellum)
    Socialist Party (Netherlands, interbellum)
    The Socialist Party was a Dutch revolutionary syndicalist libertarian socialist political party. The SP played only a minor role in Dutch political history.-Party History:...

Belgian parties:
  • Socialist Party - Different
    Socialist Party - Different
    ' is a Flemish social-democratic party in Belgium. It was formerly known as the Socialistische Partij , which in turn had branched off from the Belgian Socialist Party, itself formed by former members of the Belgian Labour Party.-1978-now:The party was the big winner in the 2003 election, running...

  • Socialist Party (francophone Belgium)
    Socialist Party (francophone Belgium)
    The Socialist Party is a Francophone social-democratic political party in Belgium. As of the 2010 elections, it is the second largest party in the Belgian Chamber of Representatives and the largest Francophone party...

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