Silo Tower Basel
The Silo Tower of Basel is located in the Swiss city of Basel
Basel or Basle In the national languages of Switzerland the city is also known as Bâle , Basilea and Basilea is Switzerland's third most populous city with about 166,000 inhabitants. Located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet, Basel also has suburbs in France and Germany...

, in the Rhine harbour of Kleinhueningen, near the Dreilaenderecks. The silo tower was built in 1923 by a Swiss shipping company. Its viewing platform stands at a height of 52 metres (about 160 feet), which offers a view of the Rhine, the Rhine harbour, the city of Basel, and the Sundgauer hill country. In the distance, one may appreciate details in Germany and France. To this end, panoramic maps and telescopes are available to visitors.
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