Sicyos is a flowering plant
Flowering plant
The flowering plants , also known as Angiospermae or Magnoliophyta, are the most diverse group of land plants. Angiosperms are seed-producing plants like the gymnosperms and can be distinguished from the gymnosperms by a series of synapomorphies...

 genus of the family
Family (biology)
In biological classification, family is* a taxonomic rank. Other well-known ranks are life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus, and species, with family fitting between order and genus. As for the other well-known ranks, there is the option of an immediately lower rank, indicated by the...

The plant family Cucurbitaceae consists of various squashes, melons, and gourds, including crops such as cucumber, pumpkins, luffas, and watermelons...

Members of the genus are commonly known as burr cucumbers.

Selected species

  • Sicyos albus
    Sicyos albus
    Sicyos albus is a species of flowering plant in the gourd family known by the common names anunu and white bur-cucumber. It is endemic to Hawaii, where it is known only from the island of Hawaii. It is threatened by the destruction and degradation of its habitat...

    (H.St.John) I.Telford
  • Sicyos angulatus
    Sicyos angulatus
    Sicyos angulatus , the burr cucumber or star-cucumber is an annual vine in the cucumber family native to eastern North America....

  • Sicyos australis Endl.
  • Sicyos baderoa Hook. & Arn.
  • Sicyos fusiformis
  • Sicyos hillebrandii H.St.John
  • Sicyos lasiocephalus Skottsb.
  • Sicyos martii
  • Sicyos maximowiczii
  • Sicyos mcvaughii Rodr.-Arév. et al.
  • Sicyos microphyllus Kunth
  • Sicyos pachycarpus Hook. & Arn.
  • Sicyos polyacanthos
  • Sicyos quinquelobatus
  • Sicyos sertuliferus
  • Sicyos warmingii

  • Formerly placed here

    • Blastania garcini (Burm.f.) Cogn. (as S. garcini Burm.f.)
    • Cissus trifoliata
      Cissus trifoliata
      Cissus trifoliata, known variously as Possum-grape, Sorrelvine, or Vine-sorrel, is a New World plant species in the grape family...

      (L.) L. (as S. trifoliatus L.)
    • Echinocystis lobata (Michx.) Torr. & A.Gray (as S. lobatus Michx.)
    • Marah oregana (Torr. & A.Gray) Howell (as S. oreganus Torr. & A.Gray)
    • Sechiopsis triquetra (Moc. & Sessé ex Ser.) Naudin (as S. triqueter Moc. & Sessé ex Ser.)
    • Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw. (as S. edulis Jacq.)

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