Short Type 184


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  1. Brush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd.
    Brush Electrical Machines
    Brush Electrical Machines is a manufacturer of large generators for gas turbine and steam turbine drive applications, based at Loughborough in Leicestershire, United Kingdom....

  2. Frederick Sage & Co. Ltd.
    Frederick Sage & Company
    Frederick Sage & Company was a British shop fitting company based in London with an extensive practice in Europe, South Africa, and South America...

  3. J. Samuel White
    J. Samuel White
    J. Samuel White was a British shipbuilding firm based in Cowes, taking its name from John Samuel White . It came to prominence during the Victorian era...

  4. Mann, Egerton & Co. Ltd.
    Mann Egerton
    Mann, Egerton & Company Ltd. was an automotive and aerospace company headquartered in Norwich, United Kingdom. During its history the company was variously active in automotive retailing, aircraft manufacturing, automotive coachbuilding and electrical services.It was formally founded in 1905 by...

  5. Phoenix Dynamo Manufacturing Company (62)
  6. Robey & Co. Ltd. (256)
  7. S E Saunders Limited
    Saunders-Roe Limited was a British aero- and marine-engineering company based at Columbine Works East Cowes, Isle of Wight.-History:The name was adopted in 1929 after Alliot Verdon Roe and John Lord took a controlling interest in the boat-builders S.E. Saunders...

  8. Short Brothers
    Short Brothers
    Short Brothers plc is a British aerospace company, usually referred to simply as Shorts, that is now based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Founded in 1908, Shorts was the first company in the world to make production aircraft and was a manufacturer of flying boats during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s...

    , Rochester (117)
  9. Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd. (15)
  10. Westland Aircraft Works Ltd. (12)

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