Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-National Park
is a quasi-national park in Hokkaidō
, formerly known as Ezo, Yezo, Yeso, or Yesso, is Japan's second largest island; it is also the largest and northernmost of Japan's 47 prefectural-level subdivisions. The Tsugaru Strait separates Hokkaido from Honshu, although the two islands are connected by the underwater railway Seikan Tunnel...

, Japan
Japan is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south...


The park include the following areas:
  • Mashike Mountains
    Mashike Mountains
    are a group mountains on the western coast of Hokkaidō. The mountain range is divided into two regions by the Hamamasu River. The northern region is a group of volcanic mountains called Shokanbetsudake Mountains.. The southern region is known as the Kabato Mountains. The Mashike mountains lie...

  • Teuri Island
    Teuri Island
    is an island of the western coast of Hokkaidō, Japan in the Sea of Japan. The island, along with neighboring Yagishiri Island, belongs to the town of Haboro in Tomamae District in Rumoi Subprefecture....

  • Yagishiri Island
    Yagishiri Island
    is a small isle in the Sea of Japan, 25 km to the west from Haboro. It is part of Rumoi Subprefecture in Hokkaidō, Japan. Together with Teuri Island, to the west across the Musashino strait, it is administered by the town of Haboro. The island's area is 5.21 km² and it is inhabited by 379...

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