Shelf may refer to:
  • Shelf (storage)
    Shelf (storage)
    A shelf is a flat horizontal plane made of a strong material such as wood or bamboo or steel which is used in a home, business, store or elsewhere to hold items of value that are being displayed, stored or offered for sale. It is raised off the ground and usually anchored/supported on its shorter...

    , a flat horizontal surface used for diplay and storage
  • Shelf (computing)
    Shelf (computing)
    The Shelf is an interface feature in NeXTSTEP and OPENSTEP, and is used as a repository to store links to commonly used files, directories and programs, and as a temporary "holding" place to move/copy files and directories around in the file system hierarchy...

    , a user interface feature in the NeXTSTEP operating system
  • Shelf, West Yorkshire
    Shelf, West Yorkshire
    Shelf is a village in West Yorkshire, England. The village is situated halfway between Bradford and Halifax. It has a population of 4,496.In the Domesday Book it is called Scelf....

    , a village in England
  • Continental shelf
    Continental shelf
    The continental shelf is the extended perimeter of each continent and associated coastal plain. Much of the shelf was exposed during glacial periods, but is now submerged under relatively shallow seas and gulfs, and was similarly submerged during other interglacial periods. The continental margin,...

    , the extended perimeter of a continent, usually covered by shallow seas
  • Ice shelf
    Ice shelf
    An ice shelf is a thick, floating platform of ice that forms where a glacier or ice sheet flows down to a coastline and onto the ocean surface. Ice shelves are only found in Antarctica, Greenland and Canada. The boundary between the floating ice shelf and the grounded ice that feeds it is called...

    , a thick platform of ice floating on the ocean surface
  • Light shelf, a reflective element placed outside of a window to enhance room illumination by natural light
  • Sulphur shelf
    Sulphur shelf
    Laetiporus is a genus of edible mushrooms found throughout much of the world. Some species are commonly known as sulphur shelf, chicken of the woods, the chicken mushroom, or the chicken fungus because many think they taste like chicken...

    , an edible mushroom
  • Shelf life
    Shelf life
    Shelf life is the length of time that food, drink, medicine, chemicals, and many other perishable items are given before they are considered unsuitable for sale, use, or consumption...

    , the length of time that perishable items are considered suitable for sale or consumption
  • Shelf registration
    Shelf registration
    Shelf registration is a process authorized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under Rule 415 that allows a single registration document to be filed by a company that permits the issuance of multiple securities. Form S-3 issuers may use shelf-registration to register securities that will...

    , a registration arrangement for the sale of securities
  • Shelf (organization), a UK health services organisation
  • "Shelf" (song)
    Shelf (song)
    The song "Shelf" is off the Jonas Brothers third studio record A Little Bit Longer.The song is written from the point of view of a teenage boy who got his heart broken by the popular girl in school/ girl next door and now he can publicly announce it....

    , a 2008 song by the Jonas Brothers
  • Shelf corporation
    Shelf corporation
    A shelf corporation, shelf company, or aged corporation, is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity - metaphorically put on the "shelf" to "age"...

    , a company or corporation that has had no activity
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