Shaker Al-Nabulsi

Shaker Al Nabulsi - Dr. Shaker Al Nabulsi is an American author and columnist of Jordanian descent.
He is a signatory of the St Petersburg Declaration and has authored numerous books and written widely-cited articles on politics, religion, literature and the Arab world.

He noted that "There are individuals in the Muslim world who pose as clerics and issue death sentences against those they disagree with. These individuals give Islam a bad name and foster hatred among civilizations."

Published works

  • The Poetic Entanglement: An introspection into Fadwa Tuqan's Poetry 1961
  • Open-Ended: The works of Antoine Zhukov 1963
  • Doctrine of Love, Doctrine of Violence: A literary study of Naguib Mahfouz 1985
  • Between the Blade and its Victim: the Short Stories of the Saudi Kingdom 1985
  • The Ubiquitous Fire: A Chronicle of Arabian life 1985
  • What tomorrow May Bring: A look at the Future of Saudi Arabia 1985
  • Light and the Doll: The Poetry of Nizar Qabbani 1986
  • The Bitter Era: Essays on Arab Politics and Culture 1986
  • Settlement Train: Initiatives in Palestinian Equality 1986
  • Abandoning the Color White: Essays on Arab Politics 1986
  • Loaf of Fire: A study of Modern Arabic Poetry 1986
  • Heritage Lunatic: A study of Mahmoud Darwish's Poetry 1987
  • Pillow of Ice: America's Middle Eastern Policy 1987
  • Flightless Bird: The deteriorating Educational System in Arabia 1988
  • The Third Culture: Exploring the Japanese Civilization 1988
  • Working with Sand: The Cultural Development of the Arabian Gulf 1988
  • Stoning with words: A study of Arab Intellictuals 1989
  • Unlocking the Memories of a lady: A study of Ghada Samman's works 1990
  • A Revolution in Heritage: A study of Khalid M Khalid's Thought 1991
  • Desert Tropic: A.R . Munif's Literature 1991
  • Harvest of Silence: A study on Modern Saudi Poetry 1992
  • Freedom & Joy in the Arabic Novel: Examining Arabia's most significant Novelists 1992
  • River East: An Analysis of Contemporary Jordanian Culture 1993
  • The Esthetics of Setting: Reviewing the literature of Ghalib Halasa 1994
  • The Jordanian Novel and its place in Arabic Literature 1994
  • Ballads Within Dwellings: A Biography of Shiek Imam Isa 1998
  • The Age of Decadence & Foster: The cultural landscape under the Ottoman Empire 1999
  • Devoured by the Wolf: A Biography of Political Cartoonist Naji Elali 1999
  • The Sultan: A Guide to Maintaining Political Power 2000
  • Arab thought of the 20th Century (3 Volumes) 2001
  • Wealth and The Crescent: Economic Factors leading to the Advent of Islam 2002
  • The Arabs had Islam Never Emerged: The Counterfactual history of Arabia in the absence of *Islam 2002
  • The Arabian Hamlet: In Memory of Munis Arazaz 2003
  • Arab Street: The Middle East's Political Public Opinion 2003
  • Rise of the Militant Society 2003
  • Critical Views in Politics and Cultures 2004
  • The Rupture: Essays on Iraq 2004
  • Foolish Questions: Islam and Politics 2005
  • Devil's Advocate: A study of Alaffif Alakadir's Thought 2005
  • Neo-Liberals 2005
  • "Why?" Questions in the third Millennium 2006
  • Prisons Without Bars: The Arab World's Current Situation 2007
  • Bin Laden and the Arab Mind 2007
  • "Honest Attempts to Grasp the Incomprehensible" 2008
  • The Great Wall of Arabia 2009
  • The Inconsistencies of Fundamentalism 2009
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