Sforzando may refer to:
  • Sforzando, used in musical notation as an instruction to play a note with sudden, strong emphasis (Italian, literally "forcing")
  • Sforzando (band)
    Sforzando (band)
    Sforzando are a band from Melbourne, Australia who describe themselves as a "8-piece pirate orchestra" . Their musical style combines elements of punk, Western European folk music and sea shanties to create "a soundscape for the ocean", and there is notable Irish and Balkan influences on their sound...

    , a "pirate orchestra" from Melbourne, Australia, named after the musical term
  • "Sforzando!," a song by Sebadoh from their 1996 album Harmacy
    Harmacy is the sixth album by American indie rock band Sebadoh. It was released by Sub Pop in 1996.It is the second and final Sebadoh album to feature drummer Bob Fay, who replaced founding member Eric Gaffney in 1994....

  • "Sforzando (organ)," a device on a pipe organ or electronic organ which is normally operated by a manual piston or toe stud to bring on a full registration of sound. First press of the device turns it on and second press turns it off. On many newer control systems, the Sforzando is settable allowing the organist to select the exact registration to be employed. In older organs, the organ builder made the decision as to what registration was employed by the Sforzando device.
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