Sentence or sentencing may refer to:
  • Sentence (linguistics)
    Sentence (linguistics)
    In the field of linguistics, a sentence is an expression in natural language, and often defined to indicate a grammatical unit consisting of one or more words that generally bear minimal syntactic relation to the words that precede or follow it...

    , a grammatical unit of language
  • Sentence (mathematical logic)
    Sentence (mathematical logic)
    In mathematical logic, a sentence of a predicate logic is a boolean-valued well formed formula with no free variables. A sentence can be viewed as expressing a proposition, something that may be true or false...

    , a formula with no free variables
  • Sentence (music)
    Sentence (music)
    In western musical theory, the term sentence is used in connection with musical spans towards the lower end of the durational scale; i.e. melodic or thematic entities well below the level of 'movement' or 'section', but above the level of 'motif' or 'phrase'...

    , a particular type of musical phrase
  • Sentence (law)
    Sentence (law)
    In law, a sentence forms the final explicit act of a judge-ruled process, and also the symbolic principal act connected to his function. The sentence can generally involve a decree of imprisonment, a fine and/or other punishments against a defendant convicted of a crime...

    , a penalty applied to a person or entity found guilty of a criminal act
  • "Sentencing" (The Wire), the thirteenth episode of The Wire
  • Sentences
    The Four Books of Sentences is a book of theology written by Peter Lombard in the twelfth century. It is a systematic compilation of theology, written around 1150; it derives its name from the sententiae or authoritative statements on biblical passages that it gathered together.-Origin and...

    , a 12-century book of theology by Peter Lombard
  • Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm, an autobiographical graphic novel by the MF Grimm, published by Vertigo in 2007
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