Sensory may refer to:relating to senses or smell

In biology:
  • Sensory preference
  • Sensory system
    Sensory system
    A sensory system is a part of the nervous system responsible for processing sensory information. A sensory system consists of sensory receptors, neural pathways, and parts of the brain involved in sensory perception. Commonly recognized sensory systems are those for vision, hearing, somatic...

    , part of the nervous system of organisms
  • Sensory neuron
    Sensory neuron
    Sensory neurons are typically classified as the neurons responsible for converting external stimuli from the environment into internal stimuli. They are activated by sensory input , and send projections into the central nervous system that convey sensory information to the brain or spinal cord...

    , nerve cell responsible for transmitting information about external stimuli
  • Sensory receptor
    Sensory receptor
    In a sensory system, a sensory receptor is a sensory nerve ending that responds to a stimulus in the internal or external environment of an organism...

    , a structure that recognizes external stimuli
  • Sensory perception, the process of acquiring and interpreting sensory information
  • Sensory ecology
    Sensory ecology
    Sensory ecology is a relatively new field focusing on the information organisms obtain about their environment. It includes questions of what information is obtained, how it is obtained , and why the information is useful to the organism .All individual organisms interact with their environment , and...

    , how organisms obtain information about their environment

In entertainment:
  • Sensory Overload Records
    Sensory Overload Records
    Sensory Overload Records is a British underground hip hop record label. Artists on their roster include Lowkey and Reveal. It was started by the manager of Lowkey, Reveal and Stylah - Myst....

    , underground hip-hop
  • Parting of the Sensory, Modest Mouse

In other:
  • Sensory garden
    Sensory garden
    A sensory garden is a garden or other plot specifically created to be accessible and enjoyable to visitors, both disabled and non-disabled. The purpose of such a provision is to provide individual and combined sensory opportunities for the user such that they may not normally experience.A sensory...

  • Sensory analysis
    Sensory analysis
    Sensory analysis is a scientific discipline that applies principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to the use of human senses for the purposes of evaluating consumer products. The discipline requires panels of human assessors, on whom the products are tested, and recording the...

    , a method of consumer product testing
  • Sensory Concepts UK Ltd

See also:
  • Sense (disambiguation)
    Sense (disambiguation)
    A sense in biology and psychology, is a physiological method of perception.Sense may also refer to:* Word sense in linguistics, one of the meanings of a word* Common sense, what people in common agree as being reasonable or rational...

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