Secretly Canadian
Secretly Canadian is an American
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

 independent record label
Independent record label
An independent record label is a record label operating without the funding of or outside the organizations of the major record labels. A great number of bands and musical acts begin on independent labels.-Overview:...

 based in Bloomington, Indiana
Bloomington, Indiana
Bloomington is a city in and the county seat of Monroe County in the southern region of the U.S. state of Indiana. The population was 80,405 at the 2010 census....

. It was started in 1996
1996 in music
This is a list of notable events in music that took place in the year 1996.-January:* January – At the trial of two American teenagers, Nicholaus McDonald and Brian Bassett, for the murder of Bassett's parents and young brother, defense lawyers attempt to lay the blame for the murders on the fact...

 by Chris and Ben Swanson, Eric Weddle, and Jonathan Cargill. Their first release was a re-issue of an album by June Panic
June Panic
June Panic is an American singer-songwriter from Grand Forks, North Dakota.-Biography:June Panic first began performing and recording in 1990, and released his early material on cassette tape for the label 3 Out of 4 Records. His first CD was the initial release for the label Secretly Canadian; he...

. Weddle later left and formed his own label, Family Vineyard.

Chris Swanson also runs the Jagjaguwar
Jagjaguwar is an indie rock record label based in Bloomington, Indiana.-History:In 1996, in Charlottesville, Virginia, friends of Darius Van Arman who performed in a band under the moniker The Curious Digit had just recorded a new album, but they were signed to no label...

 label along with Darius Van Arman; the two labels had worked closely together before Jagajguwar's offices moved to Bloomington to work alongside Secretly Canadian's. In February, 2007, the partners behind Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar
Jagjaguwar is an indie rock record label based in Bloomington, Indiana.-History:In 1996, in Charlottesville, Virginia, friends of Darius Van Arman who performed in a band under the moniker The Curious Digit had just recorded a new album, but they were signed to no label...

, along with Phil Waldorf, former label manager of Misra Records
Misra Records
Misra Records is an independent record label run out of Durham, North Carolina with branch offices in Washington D.C., Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles, California....

, announced a third sister label, Dead Oceans
Dead Oceans
Dead Oceans is an independent record label based jointly in Bloomington, Indiana and Austin, Texas. The label has a small, but powerful roster of well-known acts including Akron/Family, John Vanderslice, Califone, Phosphorescent, Bishop Allen, Casey Dienel's band White Hinterland, Bowerbirds, and...

. The three labels share offices and staff in Bloomington, IN; however, they maintain distinct and separate aesthetic visions.

Secretly Canadian has its own distribution arm, SC Distribution. It was founded in 1997 and currently distributes such labels as Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, Dead Oceans, Asthmatic Kitty
Asthmatic Kitty
Asthmatic Kitty is an American independent record label founded in 1999 by a community of musicians from Holland, Michigan led by musician Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather Lowell Brams. Some were Holland natives, and others had come to attend local colleges and universities...

, Brah Records, Cloud Recordings, Family Vineyard, FatCat Records, Hometapes, K Records
K Records
K Records is an independent record label in Olympia, Washington, co-founded, owned, and operated by Calvin Johnson, formerly of the bands Cool Rays, Beat Happening, The Go Team, The Halo Benders and presently in the bands Dub Narcotic Sound System and The Hive Dwellers...

, Lovepump United, Monitor Records
Monitor Records
Monitor Records is a Hong Kong-based music shop selling various rare and alternative CDs and music items. Monitor Records is also a distributor of Hong Kong indie bands and independent musicians such as the Pancake, Elf Fatima and Alok...

, Mush Records
Mush Records
Mush Records is an independent record label that has released albums for many independent artists and was started by Robert Curcio and Cindy Roché.Mush Records is an electronic based record label...

, Post Present Medium, St. Ives, The Social Registry
The Social Registry
The Social Registry is a record label based in Brooklyn, New York that was started in 2003. It was voted "Best New Record label" in The Village Voice's Best of New York issue in 2004.-Artists:Artanker Convoy,Blood Lines,Blood on the Wall,Christy & Emily,...

, Sounds Familyre, Suicide Squeeze Records
Suicide Squeeze Records
Suicide Squeeze Records is a Seattle, WA - based independent record label that presses a significant number of 7" vinyl singles in addition to the more prevalent compact discs. The label was started in August 1996 with the release of a 7" single from 764-Hero. The label quickly grew from owner...

, Table of the Elements
Table of the Elements
Table of the Elements is an American record label. It concentrates on re-released and specially recorded experimental music, including many of the great avant garde musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries — John Cale, Tony Conrad and La Monte Young, for instance — as well as...

, Temporary Residence Ltd., Tomlab
Tomlab is a German record label based in Köln. It has released works by bands such as The Books, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Deerhoof, Thee Oh Sees, Les Georges Leningrad, and acts associated with Blocks Recording Club, such as Final Fantasy, Ninja High School, and The Hank...

, We Are Free, and Western Vinyl
Western Vinyl
Western Vinyl is an independent record label based in Austin Texas. It was founded in 1998.-Bands and Artists Associated with Western Vinyl:*Anomoanon*Appendix Out*Balmorhea*Bexar Bexar*Botany*Bonnie Prince Billy*Callers*Carter Tanton*Chas. Mtn....


As of 2007 the label had issued nearly 200 releases.

Bands and artists who have released material on Secretly Canadian

  • Animal Collective
    Animal Collective
    Animal Collective is an experimental psychedelic band originally from Baltimore, Maryland, currently based in New York City. Animal Collective consists of Avey Tare , Panda Bear , Deakin , and Geologist...

  • Antony and the Johnsons
    Antony and the Johnsons
    Antony and the Johnsons is a music group presenting the work of Antony Hegarty and his collaborators.-Career:British experimental musician David Tibet of Current 93 heard a demo and offered to release Antony's music through his Durtro label. The debut album, Antony and the Johnsons, was released...

  • Ativin
    Ativin is an experimental post-rock band from Bloomington, Indiana. Chris Carothers and Dan Burton of Early Day Miners make up their core, with a revolving door of drummers.- Biography :...

    BLK JKS are a South African rock band from Johannesburg, formed in 2000. Their EP Mystery has been remastered for a 10 March release in the United States on the Secretly Canadian record label.-Albums:*2009: After Robots -Press:...

  • Bodies of Water
    Bodies of Water
    Bodies of Water is a band from the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, signed to independent record label Secretly Canadian. The core group consists of married couple David and Meredith Metcalf. However, the band often plays LA shows with five or more additional musicians, such...

  • Catfish Haven
    Catfish Haven
    Catfish Haven is an indie soul rock band from Chicago. They are signed to Secretly Canadian Records. They performed at Lollapalooza 2006.-Discography:*Please Come Back LP *Tell Me LP...

  • Danielson
  • Early Day Miners
    Early Day Miners
    Early Day Miners are a band from southern Indiana, United States who released records on the Bloomington, Indiana based label Secretly Canadian. In September 2009 the band had released seven full-length records....

  • Dave Fischoff
  • Havergal
  • Here We Go Magic
    Here We Go Magic
    Here We Go Magic is an American indie rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. Formerly the moniker of folk singer Luke Temple. Temple signed to Western Vinyl in 2008, followed in 2009 by the five-piece group's signing to Secretly Canadian.-History:...

  • The Horns of Happiness
    The Horns of Happiness
    The Horns of Happiness are an independent rock band formerly of Bloomington, Indiana now residents of Oakland/Los Angeles, CA. Since forming in 2004, the band has released one full-length album, one soundtrack, and two EPs on Secretly Canadian while touring extensively through the US, sharing the...

  • Foreign Born
    Foreign Born
    Foreign Born is an American folk rock band. They began in San Francisco during the late summer months of 2003, but soon relocated to Los Angeles. They self-released their first 12" single , and then their debut EP "In the Remote Woods" via StarTime International Records...

  • Frida Hyvönen
    Frida Hyvönen
    Frida Hyvönen is a Swedish singer-songwriter. She grew up in Robertsfors, a small place just outside Umeå in the north of Sweden , and is currently based in Paris, France....

  • I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
    I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
    I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness is an indie rock quintet originating from Austin, Texas...

  • The Impossible Shapes
    The Impossible Shapes
    The Impossible Shapes are an independent rock band from Bloomington, Indiana. Since forming in 1998, the band has released eight albums in North America and Europe, sharing the stage with acts such as Wilco, Guided By Voices, Interpol, Danielson Famile, and Jens Lekman, among others, while...

  • Instruments of Science & Technology
  • Intro To Airlift
  • The Japonize Elephants
  • jj
    Jj (band)
    jj are a band that release music through the Gothenburg-based independent label Sincerely Yours, which was founded by the Swedish pop group The Tough Alliance. The band consists of Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander.-History:...

  • Simon Joyner
    Simon Joyner
    Simon Joyner is a singer-songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska, United States. Considered by some to be the forefather of the burgeoning Omaha music scene , he has profoundly influenced the music of Bright Eyes. Joyner also collaborated with John Darnielle, of The Mountain Goats, and Beck listed Joyner...

  • Damien Jurado
    Damien Jurado
    Damien Jurado is an American indie rock singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Over the years he has released albums on many labels; today, his primary label is Secretly Canadian.-Music career:...

  • Suzanne Langille & Loren MazzaCane Connors
    Loren Mazzacane Connors
    Loren MazzaCane Connors is an American experimental musician who has recorded and performed under several different names: Guitar Roberts, Loren Mazzacane, Loren Mattei, and currently Loren Connors...

  • Jens Lekman
    Jens Lekman
    Jens Martin Lekman is a Swedish musician. His music is guitar-based pop with heavy use of samples and strings, with lyrics that are often witty, romantic, and melancholic. The English lyrics reflect an advanced knowledge of the language and its idioms...

  • Don Lennon
    Don Lennon
    - Biography :Little personal information is known about Don Lennon. Several interviewers have implied that the musician's name is a pseudonym. His style is often compared to that of Beat Happening, The Magnetic Fields and most notably fellow New Englander Jonathan Richman.Lennon was the guitarist...

  • Little Scream
  • Magnolia Electric Co
  • Marmoset
    Marmoset (band)
    Marmoset is an indie rock band based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that was formed on Jan. 1, 1995. The band's members are Jorma Whittaker , Dave Jablonski , and Jason Cavan . Marmoset lost a frequent contributor and once full-time band member when LonPaul Ellrich died in 2008...

  • Jason Molina
  • Molina and Johnson
  • Music Go Music
  • Scout Niblett
    Scout Niblett
    Emma Louise Niblett , better known by the stage name Scout Niblett, is an English singer and songwriter. Her music is frequently minimal in style, many of her songs consisting merely of vocals accompanied by either drums or guitar, which she mostly plays herself. She is known for her intimate live...

  • Normanoak
  • June Panic
    June Panic
    June Panic is an American singer-songwriter from Grand Forks, North Dakota.-Biography:June Panic first began performing and recording in 1990, and released his early material on cassette tape for the label 3 Out of 4 Records. His first CD was the initial release for the label Secretly Canadian; he...

  • The Panoply Academy
  • Racebannon
    Racebannon is an American noise punk band from Bloomington, Indiana.-History:Racebannon was formed in Indianapolis in 1996 by Michael Anderson and James Bauman. The group cites The Melvins, Melt Banana, and Ice Nine as early influences. They cobbled together a lineup from members of other...

  • Alasdair Roberts
  • Songs: Ohia
    Songs: Ohia
    Jason Molina is an American singer-songwriter, originally from Lorain, Ohio. He first came to prominence performing and recording as Songs: Ohia, both in solo projects and with a rotating cast of musicians...

  • Porcelain Raft
  • Nikki Sudden & The Jacobites
  • Suuns
  • Swearing at Motorists
    Swearing at Motorists
    Swearing At Motorists is a two-piece rock and roll band composed of Dave Doughman and Joseph Siwinski . They formed in Dayton, Ohio in the early 1990s...

  • Swell Maps
    Swell Maps
    Swell Maps were an experimental English rock group of the 1970s from Birmingham that foreshadowed the birth of post-punk.Influenced by the disparate likes of T.Rex and the German progressive outfit, Can, they created a new soundscape that would be heavily mined by others in the post-punk era...

  • Richard Swift
    Richard Swift (musician)
    Richard Swift is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and short-film maker...

  • The War on Drugs
    The War on Drugs (band)
    -History:Band member Adam Granduciel moved from Oakland, California to Philadelphia in 2003, where he met Kurt Vile and began playing music with him. They began playing as The War on Drugs in 2005, and self-released a demo EP...

  • Throw Me The Statue
    Throw Me the Statue
    -Biography:Throw Me the Statue was formed by Scott Reitherman after he began self-releasing CDs of buzzy, lo-fi indie pop in 2004. Friends, including Pedro the Lion member Casey Foubert, pitched in to help as Reitherman added instruments including drum machines and glockenspiels to round out his...

  • Tren Brothers
  • Bobb Trimble
    Bobb Trimble
    Bobb Trimble is a cult psych-folk/outsider musician from Marlborough, Massachusetts.-Biography:He released two full-lengths, 1980's Iron Curtain Innocence and 1982's Harvest of Dreams...

  • David Vandervelde
    David Vandervelde
    David Vandervelde is an indie-pop songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is known for his solo work and his studio collaborations with Wilco's Jay Bennett....

  • Jorma Whittaker
  • Windsor for the Derby
    Windsor for the Derby
    Windsor for the Derby are an American post-rock band based in Austin, Texas, whose members are originally from Tampa, Florida.Their debut album was released in 1996 on Trance Syndicate, and was produced by Adam Wiltzie, who then joined the group after the release of the album...

  • Yeasayer
    -History:The band's three core members, Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, and Anand Wilder, first came to attention after appearing at the SXSW festival in early 2007. Their first single consisted of a double A-side of the tracks "Sunrise" and "2080"...

  • Zero Boys
    Zero Boys
    The Zero Boys are a hardcore punk quartet from Indianapolis, Indiana fronted by Paul Mahern. Other members include bassist David "Tufty" Clough, drummer Mark Cutsinger and guitarist Vess Ruhtenberg....

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