• Coast
    A coastline or seashore is the area where land meets the sea or ocean. A precise line that can be called a coastline cannot be determined due to the dynamic nature of tides. The term "coastal zone" can be used instead, which is a spatial zone where interaction of the sea and land processes occurs...

  • Intertidal zone
    Intertidal zone
    The intertidal zone is the area that is above water at low tide and under water at high tide . This area can include many different types of habitats, with many types of animals like starfish, sea urchins, and some species of coral...

    , between high and low water lines
  • National seashore, a special designation in the United States
  • Shore
    A shore or shoreline is the fringe of land at the edge of a large body of water, such as an ocean, sea, or lake. In Physical Oceanography a shore is the wider fringe that is geologically modified by the action of the body of water past and present, while the beach is at the edge of the shore,...


  • Seashore (software)
    Seashore (software)
    Seashore is an image editor for Mac OS X, which was influenced by the GIMP and written using the Cocoa API. Seashore uses GIMP's native file format, XCF, and has support for a handful of other graphics file formats, including full support for TIFF, PNG, and JPEG, and read-only support for BMP, PDF...

    , an open source image editor, based on GIMP written in Cocoa for Mac OS X
  • Carl Seashore
    Carl Seashore
    Carl Emil Seashore was a prominent American psychologist.-Background:Seashore was born in Mörlunda, Hultsfred Municipality, Kalmar County, Sweden to Carl Gustav and Emily Sjöstrand. He emigrated with his family to the United States in 1870 and settled in Iowa. The name “Seashore” is a...

    , psychologist
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