Screwball Comedy
Screwball Comedy is an album by the Japanese band Soul Flower Union
Soul Flower Union
Soul Flower Union, also known as SFU, is a Japanese musical group that incorporates Asian styles and world music styles into a rock and roll band. They are known for their blend of psychedelic, rock, Okinawan music, Celtic music, chindon , swing jazz, as well as Japanese, Chinese and Korean folk...

. The album found the band going into a simpler, harder-rocking direction, after several heavily world-music influenced albums.

Track listing

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1. "Survivors Banquet" 「サヴァイヴァーズ・バンケット」 4:43
2. "Satsujinkyō Roulette" 「殺人狂ルーレット」 3:38
3. "Arechinite" 「荒れ地にて」 4:45
4. "Dynamite no Ad-Balloon" 「ダイナマイトのアドバルーン」 3:45
5. "Natsu Dōrai" 「夏到来」 5:45
6. "Nodura wa Hoshi Akari" 「野づらは星あかり」 3:25
7. "Seiki no Serenade" 「世紀のセレナーデ」 4:20
8. "Omagatoki" 「オーマガトキ」 5:05
9. "Go-Go Futen Girl" 「GO-GOフーテン・ガール」 4:04
10. "No to Ieru Otoko" 「NOと言える男」 2:38
11. "Caravan ni Koiuta" 「キャラバンに恋唄」 5:02

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