Schoenberg is the surname of several persons:
  • Arnold Schoenberg
    Arnold Schoenberg
    Arnold Schoenberg was an Austrian composer, associated with the expressionist movement in German poetry and art, and leader of the Second Viennese School...

     (1874–1951), Austrian-American composer
  • Claude-Michel Schoenberg (born 1944), French record producer, actor, singer, popular songwriter, and musical theatre composer
  • Erica Schoenberg
    Erica Schoenberg
    Erica Schoenberg is an American professional blackjack and poker player. She is a former model, personal trainer, and professional volleyball player. Schoenberg received professional blackjack training from a member of the MIT Blackjack Team...

     (born 1978), American poker player
  • Gertrud Schoenberg (1989–1967)
  • Isaac Jacob Schoenberg
    Isaac Jacob Schoenberg
    Isaac Jacob Schoenberg was a Romanian mathematician, known for his discovery of splines.He studied at the University of Iaşi, receiving his M.A. in 1922. From 1922 to 1925 he studied at the Universities of Berlin and Göttingen, working on a topic in analytic number theory suggested by Issai Schur...

     (1903–1990), Romanian mathematician
  • Mario Schoenberg (1914–1990), Brazilian physicist
  • Michael Schoenberg
    Michael Schoenberg
    Michael Schoenberg was a theoretical geophysicist noted for his fundamental contributions to the understanding of anisotropy in the real earth and its application to the determination of texture, fracture porosity, and flow properties of reservoir rocks.-Career:Schoenberg received a Ph.D...

     (1939–2008), American geophysicist

Note that Schoenberg is a common re-spelling of Schönberg
- Germany :*Schönberg, Lower Bavaria, a town in the district of Freyung-Grafenau in Bavaria*Schönberg, Upper Bavaria, a town in the district of Mühldorf in Bavaria*Schönberg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, district Nordwestmecklenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern...

when the character "ö" is not available, or isn't conveniently typed.

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    Schöneberg (disambiguation)
    Schöneberg may refer to:*Schöneberg, a district of Berlin, Germany*Schöneberg, Brandenburg, a municipality in the district of Uckermark, Brandenburg, Germany...

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