Scarlet Feather
Scarlet Feather is a 2000
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 novel by Maeve Binchy
Maeve Binchy
Maeve Binchy is an Irish novelist, newspaper columnist and speaker. Educated at University College Dublin, she worked as a teacher then a journalist at The Irish Times and later became a writer of novels and short stories.Many of her novels are set in Ireland, dealing with the tensions between...


One of the novel's main characters is Cathy Scarlet, who has married Neil Mitchell, son of the wealthy household where her mother Lizzie used to scrub floors. Neil's mother Hannah was totally against the marriage and makes life hard for Cathy. Cathy and her college friend, Tom Feather, set up a catering business called Scarlet Feather, the fortunes of which are traced throughout the book. Tom is in a relationship with beautiful Marcella, who dreams of being a model, but Marcella's ambitions come between the couple and there is growing distance too between Cathy and Neil.

Younger characters are Neil's twin nephew and niece Simon and Maud who are in need of care, as their mother is an alcoholic and their father has disappeared. Their older brother Walter is not willing to take responsibility for them, and they end up spending a lot of time with Cathy's parents, Lizzie and Muttie, in a far less affluent part of town.

The novel traces the growth of the catering company which gives it its name and the relationships of the main characters, as well as those of more minor characters such as Shona and James. Scarlet Feather explores familiar themes of family strife and responsibility, relationships and fledgling business ventures.
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