Sawback angelshark
The sawback angelshark, Squatina aculeata, is an angel shark
Angel shark
The angel sharks are an unusual genus of sharks with flattened bodies and broad pectoral fins that give them a strong resemblance to rays. The more than 16 known species are in the genus Squatina, the only genus in its family, Squatinidae, and order Squatiniformes. They occur worldwide in temperate...

 of the family
Family (biology)
In biological classification, family is* a taxonomic rank. Other well-known ranks are life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus, and species, with family fitting between order and genus. As for the other well-known ranks, there is the option of an immediately lower rank, indicated by the...



Colour: Are a dull grey to a light brown on back that has scarcely scattered with small irregular white spots and also with regular small dark brownish spots. No ocelli. Obtains dark blotches on head, back, the fin bases and tail. Body: Obtains large thorns atop its head in a row down its back. Has concave between eye, eye spiracle distance <1.5 x eye length. Has heavily fringed nasal barbels and including anterior nasal flaps.

Distribution & Range

Eastern Atlantic: western Mediterranean, Morocco
Morocco , officially the Kingdom of Morocco , is a country located in North Africa. It has a population of more than 32 million and an area of 710,850 km², and also primarily administers the disputed region of the Western Sahara...

, Senegal
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, Guinea
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 to Nigeria
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, then Gabon
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 to Angola
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. 43°N - 19°S, 18°W - 30°E.

Climate & Habitat

Subtropical; Offshore species, outer continental shelf and upper slope, demersal, marine. Usually found on a muddy bottom. 30 - 500m down.


Diet: feeds on small sharks, bony fishes, cuttlefish, and crustaceans. Reproduction: are ovoviviparous.

Resilience & Vulnerability

Low, minimum population doubling time: 4.5 - 14 years; high to very high vulnerablity.

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