Samuel Butler
Samuel Butler may refer to:
  • Samuel Butler (poet)
    Samuel Butler (poet)
    Samuel Butler was a poet and satirist. Born in Strensham, Worcestershire and baptised 14 February 1613, he is remembered now chiefly for a long satirical burlesque poem on Puritanism entitled Hudibras.-Biography:...

     (1612–1680), author of Hudibras
  • Samuel Butler (schoolmaster)
    Samuel Butler (schoolmaster)
    Samuel Butler FRS was an English classical scholar and schoolmaster of Shrewsbury, and Bishop of Lichfield. His grandson was Samuel Butler , noted author of the novel "Erewhon"....

     (1774–1839), classical scholar, schoolmaster at Shrewsbury, Bishop of Lichfield
  • Samuel Butler (novelist)
    Samuel Butler (novelist)
    Samuel Butler was an iconoclastic Victorian author who published a variety of works. Two of his most famous pieces are the Utopian satire Erewhon and a semi-autobiographical novel published posthumously, The Way of All Flesh...

     (1835–1902), grandson of the scholar, author of Erewhon
  • Samuel Butler (cricketer)
    Samuel Butler (cricketer)
    Samuel Evan Butler was an English cricketer...

     (1850–1903), who in 1871 took all ten wickets in an innings for Oxford against Cambridge
  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler
    Sam Butler is an Australian rules footballer in the Australian Football League. He is a member of the West Coast Eagles team who won the 2006 AFL Premiership....

    , Australian Rules footballer
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