Salimbeni (disambiguation)
Salimbeni is an Italian surname. People with this name include:
  • Lorenzo Salimbeni (1374 – c.1418), painter
  • Jacopo Salimbeni (1370s – after 1426), painter and brother of Lorenzo
  • Ventura Salimbeni
    Ventura Salimbeni
    Ventura di Archangelo Salimbeni was an Italian Mannerist painter and printmaker and among the last representatives of a style influenced by the earlier Sienese School of Quattrocento-Renaissance....

     (1568 – 1613), painter and printmaker

It may also refer to:
  • The Salimbeni Prize
    Salimbeni Prize
    The Salimbeni Prize is awarded by the Fondazione Salimbeni per le Arti Figurative of San Severino Marche to honour excellence in the writing of art history on an Italian subject...

    , awarded for writings in art history
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