Saar Treaty
The Saar Treaty, or "Treaty of Luxembourg" (German
German language
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: Vertrag von Luxemburg) is an agreement between West Germany
West Germany
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 and France
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 concerning the return of the Saarland
Saarland is one of the sixteen states of Germany. The capital is Saarbrücken. It has an area of 2570 km² and 1,045,000 inhabitants. In both area and population, it is the smallest state in Germany other than the city-states...

 to West Germany. The treaty was signed in Luxemborg on October 27, 1956 by foreign ministers Heinrich von Brentano
Heinrich von Brentano
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 of West Germany and Christian Pineau
Christian Pineau
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 of France, following a plebiscite on October 23, 1955 which resulted in a majority vote against the Saar Statute.

After the Landtag
Landtag of Saarland
The Landtag of Saarland is the state diet of the German federal state of Saarland. It convenes in Saarbrücken and currently consists of 51 members of four Parties. Currently governed by the minority coalition of Christian Democratic Union and Free Democratic Party that holds only 24 seats, 2...

declared to accede to the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), the incorporation of the Saarland was finalised on January 1 1957. Both involved parties agreed on an economic transition period through 1959, during which the Saarland remained under French control.

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