Saan Ka Man Naroroon
Saan Ka Man Naroroon is a Philippine television series by ABS-CBN
ABS–CBN Corporation is a Philippine-based media conglomerate. It is the Philippines' largest media and entertainment conglomerate. The corporation was the merger of Alto Broadcasting System which at that time owned by James Lindenberg and Antonio Quirino, and the Chronicle Broadcasting Network ...

. It premiered April 5, 1999, on ABS-CBN.

Saan Ka Man Naroroon stars Claudine Barretto
Claudine Barretto
Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto-Santiago , popularly known as Claudine Barretto, is a film and television actress in the Philippines.-Television roles:...

 as she portrays three contrasting roles—Rosario, Rosenda and Rosemarie—who are triplets and were separated at birth. She played three different characters who are sisters, Claudine has distinguished between Rosenda (the wicked one), Rosemarie (the modern one) and Rosario (the kind one), people who we run across with everyday of our lives.

Because of Rico Yan's controversial death, the series ended with a follow-up to Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan to continue a new series that was supposed to be also Rico Yan's project and next soap.


Three Triplets Three different lives. Rosenda (The Wicked One) Rosemarie (The Modern One) and Rosario (The Kind One)during their progress all three find different lifestyles Rosario's versatility as a singer is also the problem because Melissa (Gladys Reyes) wants to ruin many lives. But Three Men will also enter the picture with Daniel, Bart, and Joshua, will all of them live a happily ever after?

Main cast and characters

  • Claudine Barretto
    Claudine Barretto
    Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto-Santiago , popularly known as Claudine Barretto, is a film and television actress in the Philippines.-Television roles:...

    as Rosario de Villa/Ocampo, Rosenda Ocampo, and Rosemarie Madrigal/Ocampo
  • Rico Yan
    Rico Yan
    Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan was a Filipino matinee idol, model and actor. He was under an exclusive contract in the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network. Rico Yan was a member of ABS-CBN's circle of homegrown talents named Star Magic. He graduated from De La Salle University-Manila. Yan finish a degree in...

    as Daniel
  • Diether Ocampo
    Diether Ocampo
    Diether Ocampo, born in July 19, 1974 in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines is a Filipino actor, singer and model.-Background:Ocampo's elementary education and high school were spent in Bacoor,Cavite and he attended his college education in De La Salle University-Dasmarinas. He has German and Chinese...

    as Bart
  • Leandro Munoz as Joshua
  • Gladys Reyes
    Gladys Reyes
    Gladys Reyes-Sommereux, or Gladys Reyes-Roxas , is a Filipina actress best known for her role as "Clara," the antagonist to "Mara" from the 90's ABS-CBN hit teleserye, Mara Clara.-Background:...

    as Melissa
  • G. Toengi
    G. Toengi
    -Songs from Dawson's Creek Volume 2 :* I Will Win Your Love This Season-External links:* *...

    as Althea
  • Mylene Dizon
    Mylene Dizon
    Mylene Lilibeth Dizon is a Filipina actress and model. She is a member of ABS-CBN's elite circle of homegrown talents properly named Star Magic, being an alumna of Batch 2...

    as Karen
  • Carlos Agassi
    Carlos Agassi
    Amir Carlos Damaso Vahidi Agassi popularly known as Carlos Agassi and simply Amir, is a Filipino actor, TV host, rap artist, and model of Iranian descent...

    as Richard

Minor cast and characters

  • Gina Pareno
    Gina Pareno
    Gina Pareño is an actress in the Philippines born to a Filipina mother and German- American father. She first worked as an extra in some films and then later on became one of the artists of Sampaguita Films. She has worked in television and film in the Philippines since the 1960s...

    as Marita
  • Cherry Pie Picache
    Cherry Pie Picache
    Cherry Pie Castro Picache is a Filipina actress and screenwriter who has starred T.V. and films and has worked as a model for modelling Palmolive, Camay, and Eskinol.Picache attended St. Mary's College in Mo...

    as Dolores Ocampo
  • Eric Quizon
    Eric Quizon
    Enrico Smith Quizon, also known as Eric Quizon is a Filipino actor, director, producer and writer. He is the son of the famous "King of Comedy" Dolphy and a co-owner of Café Famous in Greenbelt, Makati.-Early life:...

    as Juancho Ocampo
  • Jackie Lou Blanco as Violeta
  • Rustom Padilla as Alex
  • Lara Fabrigas as Clarissa
  • Susan Africa as Gloria
  • Juan Rodrigo as Domeng
  • Charlie Davao
    Charlie Davao
    Charlie Davao was a Filipino actor known for roles in film and television.-Early life:Born Charles Valdez-Davao in Iloilo City of a Filipino mestizo of Spanish and Arab descent. He moved to Manila in 1954 to pursue a degree in commerce student at the University of the East...

    as Francisco
  • Vivian Foz as Gloria Madrigal
  • Noni Buencamino as Arsenio Madrigal
  • Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino as Aurora Madrigal
  • Ray Ventura
    Ray Ventura
    Raymond Ventura was a French jazz bandleader. He played a significant role in popularizing jazz in France in the 1930s.-Career:...

    † as Mang Tino
  • Augusto Victa as Ben De Villa
  • Caridad Sanchez as Cleotilde De Villa
  • Candy Pangilinan
    Candy Pangilinan
    Candy Pangilinan is a Filipino film and television actress and comedian. She was widely criticised in 2009 after she insulted the Igorot people during a performance.-Television:*2011 Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin ... Mimi Estrella...

    as Jengky
  • Joel Torre as Juanito Ocampo
  • Isabel Rivas as Malou
  • Rosa Rosal
    Rosa Rosal
    Florence Danon Gayda , better known as Rosa Rosal, is a FAMAS award-winning Filipino film actress dubbed as the "original femme fatale of Philippine cinema". She is also known for her work with the Philippine National Red Cross...

    as Sol Cecilia
  • Isabel Rivas as Marilou
  • Gerald Pizarras as Arman
  • Janice de Belen
    Janice de Belen
    Janice de Belen is a Filipina actress, commercial model and television host who was a GMA Network contract artist. She returns back to ABS-CBN via Budoy -Early life:...

    as Margarita
  • Fanny Serrano as Evil Brother of Margarita
  • Mark Gil
    Mark Gil
    Raphael John Gil Eigenmann , better known as Mark Gil, is a Filipino actor.-Personal life:He is the son of actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil, brother of actors Michael de Mesa and Cherie Gil. He is fourth Filipino, fourth Spanish, and half Swiss German American descent. He is the father of...

    as Edward
  • Dennis Roldan as Greg
  • Alma Lerma  as Nieves
  • Kier Legaspi as Deryo
  • Matthew Umali as Alfred
  • Spencer Reyes as Itoy
  • Ariel Rivera
    Ariel Rivera
    Jose Ariel Jimenez Rivera was born on September 1, 1966 in Manila, Philippines but has since migrated with his family to Canada. Rivera was an architect in Canada before his singing talent was accidentally discovered while vacationing in the Philippines. He has since become a successful...

    as Angelo
  • Allen Dizon as Rollie
  • Karla Estrada as Lilay
  • Jet Alcantara as Carl
  • Jennifer Sevilla as Sister Carla
  • Apple Calderon as Marlita Sevilla
  • Sharmaine Arnaiz
    Sharmaine Arnaiz
    Sharmaine Arnaiz is a Filipino actress.-Biography:She was born Sharmila Velasco Pribhdas-Shahani to an Indian father and a mother of Ilonnga blood. She has a younger sister who is also an actress named Bunny Paras and their mother is the sister of the mother of Patrick Garcia and Cheska...

    as Marietta
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