SPEA is an Italian company that designs and manufactures Automatic Test Equipment
Automatic test equipment
Automatic or Automated Test Equipment is any apparatus that performs tests on a device, known as the Device Under Test , using automation to quickly perform measurements and evaluate the test results...

 (ATE) for testing microchip
Integrated circuit
An integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit is an electronic circuit manufactured by the patterned diffusion of trace elements into the surface of a thin substrate of semiconductor material...

s and electronic boards.

The Company, founded in 1976 by Luciano Bonaria, who still is its President, today employs about 450 people, distributed among the Italian headquarters in Volpiano (Turin
Turin is a city and major business and cultural centre in northern Italy, capital of the Piedmont region, located mainly on the left bank of the Po River and surrounded by the Alpine arch. The population of the city proper is 909,193 while the population of the urban area is estimated by Eurostat...

) and 24 offices in the worldwide markets, such as USA, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China and India.

The main application fields for SPEA's equipment are the following:
  • EMS
  • Industry
  • Consumer
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Defence

In all these fields, SPEA's equipment work to ensure that the electronic devices haven't got faults and work correctly, without failures.

ATE for Electronics Industry

Testers for electronic boards are divided into:
  • "Bed of nails
    Bed of nails
    A bed of nails is an oblong piece of wood the size of a bed with nails pointing upwards out of it. It appears to the spectator that anyone lying on this "bed" would be injured by the nails, but this is not so...

    " testers, based on the concept of a multi-core architecture for true parallel test, to enhance productivity
  • Flying probe testers, that are able to test the boards when the density of components on the boards is very high (so, components cannot be contacted by using a bed-of-nails test system). The high speed of the latest flying probe makes them suitable also for production volumes.

ATE and Automation for Semiconductor Industry

The range of SPEA semiconductor equipment includes:
  • Mixed Signal
    Mixed-signal integrated circuit
    A mixed-signal integrated circuit is any integrated circuit that has both analog circuits and digital circuits on a single semiconductor die.- Examples :...

     semiconductor tester platform
  • Integrated test cells (providing test, automated handling, and the required mechanical stimulus) for MEMS, smart card modules, power modules
  • Smart card
    Smart card
    A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card , is any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits. A smart card or microprocessor cards contain volatile memory and microprocessor components. The card is made of plastic, generally polyvinyl chloride, but sometimes acrylonitrile...

     modules, UHF &RFID
    Radio Frequency Identification
    Radio-frequency identification is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag, called RFID tag or label, attached to an object, through a reader for the purpose of identifying and tracking the object. Some RFID tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the...

  • Small Value Measurements tester
  • Reel to Reel device handler
  • Pick and Place handler
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