SMAD may refer to:
  • Sowjetische Militäradministration in Deutschland
    Soviet Military Administration in Germany
    The Soviet Military Administration in Germany was the Soviet military government, headquartered in Berlin-Karlshorst, that directly ruled the Soviet occupation zone of Germany from the German surrender in May 1945 until after the establishment of the German Democratic Republic in October...

  • SMAD (protein)
    SMAD (protein)
    SMADs are intracellular proteins that transduce extracellular signals from transforming growth factor beta ligands to the nucleus where they activate downstream TGF-β gene transcription....

     – proteins involved in cell signaling
    • R-SMAD
      R-SMAD stands for receptor-regulated SMAD. Smads are transcription factors that transduce extracellular TGF-ß superfamily ligand signaling from cell membrane bound TGF-ß receptors into the nucleus where they activate transcription TGF-ß target genes...

      – receptor regulated SMAD proteins
    • I-SMAD – inhibitory SMAD proteins
  • SMAD – a house DJ based in New England.
  • SMAD - solvated metal atom dispersion, a method to synthezise very small metal nanoparticles
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