SKRUK is a well-known choir in Norway, having toured all over the country for more than 35 years with its conductor, Per Oddvar Hildre.

The choir have released more than 20 records, and have performed on several continents.

SKRUK have a varied repertoire, influenced by Norwegian folk music, spirituals, world music, and jazz, and have collaborated with many musicians, including Tord Gustavsen
Tord Gustavsen
Tord Gustavsen is a jazz pianist. Before studying music, Gustavsen finished a degree in psychology. He studied jazz at the Conservatory of Music Trondheim and jazz theory at the University of Oslo. He has toured internationally several times has been a bandleader of a trio and a later ensemble...

, Henning Sommerro
Henning Sommerro
Henning Sommerro is a Norwegian musician, composer and music teacher.- Biography :Sommerro grew up on the Sommerro farm at Skei in Surnadal...

, and Brilliant Dadashova
Brilliant Dadashova
Brilliant Suleyman qizi Dadashova is an Azerbaijani pop singer.-Life:Brilliant Dadashova was born into a family of six children. Her mother Gizkhanim Dadashova was a famous accordion player who died in a car accident in 1966...


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