Royal Special Forces
The Royal Special Forces of the Jordanian Armed Forces
Jordanian Armed Forces
The Jordanian Armed Forces , also referred to as The Arab Army , with all of it branches, is under direct control of the King of Jordan...

were founded in 1963 on the orders of the late King Hussein Bin Talal. In the early 1970s Jordan's Special Forces were developed and assigned the tasks of reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, search and evacuation, combat, and the protection of key sites. The Special Forces have also been charged with precision missions including the targeting of military convoys and the cutting off of enemy supply lines and communications. Members are equipped and trained to be able to operate behind enemy lines for long periods without any logistical support. Currently the Special Forces branch consists of 2 specially trained battalions (71 and 101), and two paratroop battalions (81 and 91). Attached to them are several other special operations units, equipped with advanced equipment to make them as mobile as possible.

The Special Operations command is devided into 5 brigades:
  • 1st Special Forces Brigade (61st, 101st and 71st Battalions)
  • Paratroopers Brigade (91st and 81st Battalions)
  • Rangers Brigade (111st, 222nd, 333rd Battalions)
  • Al Hussain Airborne Artillary Brigade (16th, 18th, 20th, 38th Battalions)
  • Prince Hashem Bin Abdullah Special Operations Air Battalion / 2

In addition to the mentioned Brigades and Battalions, there lies many attachements to th Special Operations Command like the Special Police's Unit 14 (SWAT type unit) and the Jordanian Navy Frogman and Special Boat Unit...

As far as naval warfare goes: many Jordanian Special Operators from all brigades undergo Jordanian Navy SEAL training to use the skills whenever need be, but there is a a maritime warfare unit stationed in Aqaba that acts as the rapid intervention force in the event of any threat.
Additionally, the Jordanian Special Forces employs elements in the Air Force, Navy, Air Defence and other Armed Forces units like the 2nd Special Tanks Units etc..
With the need for surrounding countries to develop modern forces, Jordan has become a centre of experience and specialized training for special forces. Jordan has trained to meet the needs of Arab and non-Arab countries. As an established regional centre for special forces training Jordan has trained forces from Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen.
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