Rostral can refer to:
  • Anatomical location or direction, towards the rostrum (a beak-like structure).
  • Rostral bone
    Rostral bone
    The rostral bone is the edentulous dorsal component of the skeleton of the beak, unique to the ceratopsian dinosaurs. Othniel Charles Marsh recognized and named this bone, which acts as a mirror image of the predentary bone on the lower jaw....

    , in ceratopsian dinosaurs
  • Rostral column
    Rostral column
    A rostral column is a type of victory column, originating in ancient Greece and Rome where they were erected to commemorate a naval military victory. Traditionally, rostra — the prows or rams of captured ships — were mounted on the columns...

    , a monumental scaled column, frequently decorated with ship bows
  • Rostral scale, in scaled reptiles
  • Rostral organ
    Rostral organ
    The rostral organ of the coelacanth is a large gel-filled cavity in the snout, with three pairs of canals to the outside.It is surrounded by an insulating layer of adipose tissue and innervated by the superficial ophthalmic nerve. Its anatomy and innervation suggest it is an electroreceptive organ...

    , in coelacanths and anchovies
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