Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde & Schwarz (ˈʁoːdə ʊnt ˈʃvaʁts; ˈroʊdə ənd ˈʃwɔrts) is an independent group of companies specializing in electronics
Electronics is the branch of science, engineering and technology that deals with electrical circuits involving active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, and associated passive interconnection technologies...

. Well known as a manufacturer of electronic test equipment
Electronic test equipment
Electronic test equipment is used to create signals and capture responses from electronic Devices Under Test . In this way, the proper operation of the DUT can be proven or faults in the device can be traced and repaired...

, they also manufacture equipment used for broadcasting, radiolocation, and radio communications. Founded and still headquartered in Munich
Munich The city's motto is "" . Before 2006, it was "Weltstadt mit Herz" . Its native name, , is derived from the Old High German Munichen, meaning "by the monks' place". The city's name derives from the monks of the Benedictine order who founded the city; hence the monk depicted on the city's coat...

, Germany
Germany , officially the Federal Republic of Germany , is a federal parliamentary republic in Europe. The country consists of 16 states while the capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 km2 and has a largely temperate seasonal climate...

, the company has approximately 7400 employees and achieved a net revenue of € 1.3 billion in 2009/10.
It was originally founded by Dr. Hermann Schwarz and Dr. Lothar Rohde who met as students during their studies in Jena
Jena is a university city in central Germany on the river Saale. It has a population of approx. 103,000 and is the second largest city in the federal state of Thuringia, after Erfurt.-History:Jena was first mentioned in an 1182 document...

. In 1932 they first worked together to build a precision frequency meter and formed the company in 1933.

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