Robert Burton
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They lard their lean books with the fat of others' works.

We can say nothing but what hath been said. Our poets steal from Homer... Our story-dressers do as much; he that comes last is commonly best.

I say with Diego de Estella|Didacus Stella, a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than a giant himself.

Old friends become bitter enemies on a sudden for toys and small offenses.

Penny wise, pound foolish.

Like Aesop's fox, when he had lost his tail, would have all his fellow foxes cut off theirs.

All poets are mad.

Every man hath a good and a bad angel attending on him in particular, all his life long.

Section 2, member 1, subsection 2, A Digression of the nature of Spirits, bad Angels, or Devils, and how they cause Melancholy.

No rule is so general, which admits not some exception.

Section 2, member 2, subsection 3, Custom of Diet, Delight, Appetite, Necessity, how they cause or hinder.

Idleness is an appendix to nobility.

Section 2, member 2, subsection 6. Immoderate Exercise a cause, and how. Solitariness, Idleness.