Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes may refer to:
  • Richard Holmes (actor)
    Richard Holmes (actor)
    Richard Homes is a contemporary American actor of the stage and screen. He received his BA from Gettysburg College and an MFA in acting from New York University...

     (born 1963), American actor
  • Richard Holmes (biographer)
    Richard Holmes (biographer)
    Richard Holmes, OBE, FRSL, FBA is a British author and academic best known for his biographical studies of major figures of British and French Romanticism.-Biography:...

     (born 1945), British biographer
  • Richard Holmes (military historian)
    Richard Holmes (military historian)
    Brigadier Edward Richard Holmes, CBE, TD, JP , known as Richard Holmes, was a British soldier and noted military historian, particularly well-known through his many television appearances...

     (1946 – 2011), British soldier and military historian
  • Richard Holmes (organist)
    Richard Holmes (organist)
    Richard Arnold "Groove" Holmes was an American jazz organist who performed in the hard bop and soul jazz genre...

     (1931 – 1991), American jazz organist known as Richard "Groove" Holmes
  • Richard Holmes (ornithologist)
    Richard Holmes (ornithologist)
    Dr Richard T. Holmes is an American ornithologist. He was the 2002 recipient of the Cooper Ornithological Society’s Loye and Alden Miller Research Award, which is given in recognition of lifetime achievement in ornithological research.-References:...

    , American ornithologist
  • Richard Holmes (producer)
    Richard Holmes (producer)
    Richard Holmes is UK/US citizen and a notably successful independent film producer working in the United Kingdom today, producing award-winning films that have been both commercially and critically successful. He is married to actress Catherine Russell....

     (born 1963) Producer
  • Richard E. Holmes
    Richard E. Holmes
    Richard Holmes is medical doctor and one of the five young black Mississippians who pioneered the effort to desegregate the major universities of Mississippi as part of the African-American Civil Rights Movement...

    , first African-American student to enroll at Mississippi State University
  • Richard Holmes (prestidigitator) (born 2057), Magician who managed to defy Physics and became a TV celebrity in the 1950's and 1960's. However he was extraordinarily renditioned in the late 21st century and forced to work as the warm up man for Shari Lewis after she was renditioned back to 2096.

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