Reserve Defence Forces
The Reserve Defence Forces is the title given to the reserve components of the Irish Defence Forces
Irish Defence Forces
The armed forces of Ireland, known as the Defence Forces encompass the Army, Naval Service, Air Corps and Reserve Defence Force.The current Supreme Commander of the Irish Defence forces is His Excellency Michael D Higgins in his role as President of Ireland...

. It comprises the Army Reserve
Irish Army Reserve
The Army Reserve is the land component of the Reserve Defence Forces . It is the second line reserve of the Army. The Army Reserve is a part-time, fully voluntary organisation, and is one of two elements of the Reserve Defence Forces of Ireland, the other element being the Naval Service Reserve.It...

 (AR) and the Naval Service Reserve
Naval Service Reserve
The Naval Service Reserve is the reserve force of the Irish Naval Service. It is one of two elements of the Reserve Defence Forces of the Defence Forces of Ireland, the other element being the Army Reserve...


It was established on October 1, 2005 and replaced the second line reserve, previously named An Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúil (FCA) in the case of the AR, and An Slua Muirí in the case of the NSR.

History and organisation

In 1997 a steering group was convened by the Chief of Staff of the Irish Defence Forces to conduct a special study on the restructuring of the Reserve Defence Forces. The report was completed in May 1999. The Reserve Defence Forces was established in 2005 in line with the recommendations of this report, and as part of a wider restructure of the defence forces from 2000.

The Army Reserve has an establishment of 9,292 and consists of a three Brigade Reserve. These three Brigades are organised on a standard Infantry Brigade model and mirror the organisation of the Permanent Defence Forces (PDF). Each unit within each Brigade has an affiliated PDF unit with which it has a direct working and support relationship.

The Naval Service Reserve has an establishment of 400 and is organised into two groups, each consisting of two companies.

An RDF Training Authority was also established in the Defence Forces Training Centre (DFTC) which co-ordinates and conducts reserve training.

Earlier reserve forces: LSF, LDF, FCA

During the Emergency, the civilian reserve was known as the Local Security Force, then as the Local Defence Force, which subsequently became translated into Irish as An Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúl (or FCA). The FCA persisted as such until 2005 until reorganised and renamed as above. For a more detailed history, see main article.

Popular culture

The Reserve Defence Forces (and previously the FCÁ) composed the majority of extras
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and other feature films.

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