Repulsive force
Repulsive force may refer to:
  • A repulsive force of an Accelerating universe
    Accelerating universe
    The accelerating universe is the observation that the universe appears to be expanding at an increasing rate, which in formal terms means that the cosmic scale factor a has a positive second derivative, implying that the velocity at which a given galaxy is receding from us should be continually...

    , which according to certain theories causes planets and matter to get farther and farther apart
  • Like charges repelling according to Coulomb's law
    Coulomb's law
    Coulomb's law or Coulomb's inverse-square law, is a law of physics describing the electrostatic interaction between electrically charged particles. It was first published in 1785 by French physicist Charles Augustin de Coulomb and was essential to the development of the theory of electromagnetism...

  • Repulsive force (magnetism) between magnets of opposite orientation
  • A compressed material repelling bodies on both sides, e.g. according to Hooke's law
    Hooke's law
    In mechanics, and physics, Hooke's law of elasticity is an approximation that states that the extension of a spring is in direct proportion with the load applied to it. Many materials obey this law as long as the load does not exceed the material's elastic limit. Materials for which Hooke's law...

  • Repulsive force (biology), associated with involuntarily vomiting, as in response to ingestion of a toxin
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