Repatriation of Poles
Repatriation of Poles can refer to:
  • Repatriation of Poles (1944–1946)
    Repatriation of Poles (1944–1946)
    The Polish population transfers from the former eastern territories of Poland also known as the flight and expulsion of Poles towards the end – and in the aftermath – of World War II refer to the forced migration of Poles between 1944–1946...

  • Repatriation of Poles (1955–1959)
    Repatriation of Poles (1955–1959)
    Repatriation of Polish population in the years of 1955–1959 was the second wave of forced repatriation of the Poles living in the territories annexed by the Soviet Union. It was the aftermath of the death of Stalin and start of destalinization...

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