Ralstonia is a genus of proteobacteria
The Proteobacteria are a major group of bacteria. They include a wide variety of pathogens, such as Escherichia, Salmonella, Vibrio, Helicobacter, and many other notable genera....

, previously included in the genus Pseudomonas
Pseudomonas is a genus of gammaproteobacteria, belonging to the family Pseudomonadaceae containing 191 validly described species.Recently, 16S rRNA sequence analysis has redefined the taxonomy of many bacterial species. As a result, the genus Pseudomonas includes strains formerly classified in the...

. It is named after the American bacteriologist E. Ralston.


  • Ralstonia Genome Projects (from Genomes OnLine Database)
  • Comparative Analysis of Ralstonia Genomes (at DOE's
    United States Department of Energy
    The United States Department of Energy is a Cabinet-level department of the United States government concerned with the United States' policies regarding energy and safety in handling nuclear material...

     IMG system
    Integrated Microbial Genomes System
    The Integrated Microbial Genomes is a genome browsing and annotation system developed by the DOE-Joint Genome Institute. IMG contains all the draft and complete microbial genomes sequenced by the DOE-JGI integrated with other publicly available genomes...

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