Ralf Jones
is a video game character
Player character
A player character or playable character is a character in a video game or role playing game who is controlled or controllable by a player, and is typically a protagonist of the story told in the course of the game. A player character is a persona of the player who controls it. Player characters...

 created by SNK Playmore
SNK Playmore
SNK Playmore Corporation is a Japanese video game hardware and software company. SNK is an acronym of , which was SNK's original name. The company's legal and trading name became SNK in 1986....

 (formerly SNK). Ralf has made appearance in several games from the company, premiering in TNK III as a military tank driver. The Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors is a 1986 arcade game by SNK, published in the United States and Europe by Tradewest. Known simply as in Japan, this was SNK's first major breakthrough US release and became something of a classic. The game was released at the time when there were many Commando clones on the market...

series also emphasized Ralf's role as a soldier with him becoming the partner of Clark Still. Both Ralf and Clark would also become recurring characters in The King of Fighters fighting games series in which they appear as part of the Ikari Team participating in various tournaments also while searching for various criminals.

[vs. Mexico]: "We are soldiers!"

[vs. England]: "Don't spoil your pretty faces!"

[vs. Japan]: "We're for war!"

[vs. USA]: "You're no match for us!"

[vs. China]: "Fight with your own fists!"

[vs. Korea]: "We risk our necks to fight!"

[vs. Brazil]: "To claim to be, you've got the nerve!"

"No matter how hard you try, you've just hit the wall, loser!"

"Next time, I'll use only one hand... Not!"

"You're so bad, I could'a killed you five times, fool!"