Raine Karp
Raine Karp is an Estonian architect.

Beyond doubt, Karp has created the most bold examples of 1960s–1980s modernism in Estonia. Characterised by monumentalism, his designs often have a distinct Soviet feel to them. Prized on many occasions for his designs for different buildings, Karp was among the most known architects of the demised Estonian SSR.

His designs in Tallinn include – Linnahall
Linnahall is a concert/sports venue in Tallinn, Estonia. It is situated on the harbour, just beyond the walls of the Old Town and was completed in 1980....

 (City Hall, 1975–1980, with Riina Altmäe), the National Library of Estonia
National Library of Estonia
The National Library of Estonia is a national public institution in Estonia, which operates pursuant to the National Library of Estonia Act...

 (1985–1993), Tallinn Central Post Office (1974–1980, with Mati Raigna), Sakala center (1982–1985, now demolished), the current building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1964–1968, with Mart Port and Olga Konchayeva), apartment houses Trummi street 21 (1968–1971) and Vilde 68 & 70 (1963–1965), etc.

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