Radical Party


  • Radical Party (1901–present)
  • Radical Party of the Left (1971–present)


  • Radical Party
    Radical Party (Italy, 1877)
    The Radical Party was a radical political party in Italy.It was founded in 1877 by Agostino Bertani and Felice Cavallotti as a radical-liberal party of what was then considered the "far left", from the name of the parliamentary group the Radicals formed with Andrea Costa, the first Socialist...

  • Radical Party (1955–1989)
  • Italian Radicals
    Italian Radicals
    Italian Radicals is an Italian political party which describes itself as a liberale, liberista e libertario political movement .It was...

  • Radicals of the Left
    Radicals of the Left
    Radicals of the Left was a minor green and social-liberal political party in Italy.It was founded on 25 April 2004 by former Radicals and Communists, and was led by Fabrizio Cianci. It supported The Union coalition, although not being an official member...



  • Radical Party (19??–1932)
  • Radical Socialist Party
    Radical Socialist Party (Luxembourg)
    The Radical Socialist Party was a progressive Luxembourgian political party that existed from 1925 to 1932. It was the successor of the Liberal League, but, unlike its predecessor, it existed as an organised extra-parliamentary party, marking itself as Luxembourg's first true liberal political...

  • Radical Liberal Party
    Radical Liberal Party (Luxembourg)
    The Radical Liberal Party , abbreviated to PRL, was a Luxembourgian political party that existed from 1932 until 1945. It was the main party bridging the gap between the former Liberal League and the current Democratic Party....



  • Radical Republican Party
    Radical Republican Party
    The Radical Republican Party , sometimes shortened to the Radical Party was a Spanish political party founded in 1908 by Alejandro Lerroux in Santander, Cantabria by a split from the historical Republican Union party led by Nicolás Salmerón....

  • Radical Socialist Republican Party
    Radical Socialist Republican Party
    Radical Socialist Republican Party , sometimes shortened to Radical Socialist Party , was a Spanish radical political party, created in 1929 after the split of the left-wing in Alejandro Lerroux's Radical Republican Party...



  • Radical Party (1830s–1894), see Regeneration (Switzerland)
  • Free Democratic Party of Switzerland
    Free Democratic Party of Switzerland
    The Free Democratic Party was a classical liberal political party in Switzerland. It was one of the major parties in Switzerland until its merger with the smaller classical liberal Liberal Party, to form FDP.The Liberals on 1 January 2009....

  • FDP.The Liberals
    FDP.The Liberals
    FDP.The Liberals is a classical liberal political party in Switzerland. It is the joint-largest party in the Federal Council, third-largest party in the National Council, and second-largest in the Council of States....



  • Radical Civic Union
    Radical Civic Union
    The Radical Civic Union is a political party in Argentina. The party's positions on issues range from liberal to social democratic. The UCR is a member of the Socialist International. Founded in 1891 by radical liberals, it is the oldest political party active in Argentina...

  • People's Radical Civic Union (1957–1972)
  • Intransigent Radical Civic Union
    Intransigent Radical Civic Union
    The Intransigent Radical Civic Union or UCRI is a defunct political party of Argentina.The UCRI developed from the centrist Radical Civic Union in 1956, following a split at the party's convention in Tucumán...



  • Radical Party
    Radical Party (Chile)
    The Radical Party of Chile was a Chilean political party. It was formed in 1863 by a split in the Liberal Party. Not coincidently, it was formed shortly after the organization of the Grand Lodge of Chile, and it has maintained a close relationship with Chilean Freemasonry throughout its life...

  • Social Democrat Radical Party
    Social Democrat Radical Party
    The Social Democratic Radical Party is a social democratic party in Chile.The party is a member of Socialist International....



  • Ecuadorian Radical Liberal Party
    Ecuadorian Radical Liberal Party
    The Ecuadorian Radical Liberal Party is a liberal party in Ecuador and the oldest existing political party in Ecuador....

  • Alfarista Radical Front
    Alfarista Radical Front
    The Alfarista Radical Front is a centrist liberal party in Ecuador, founded in 1972. One of its best known figures is former acting president Fabián Alarcón....


See also

  • Political radicalism
    Political radicalism
    The term political radicalism denotes political principles focused on altering social structures through revolutionary means and changing value systems in fundamental ways...

  • Radicalism (historical)
    Radicalism (historical)
    The term Radical was used during the late 18th century for proponents of the Radical Movement. It later became a general pejorative term for those favoring or seeking political reforms which include dramatic changes to the social order...

  • Italian Radicals (disambiguation)
    Italian Radicals (disambiguation)
    Italian Radicals is a political party of Italy.Italian Radicals may also refer to:* Radical Party , a far left/left-liberal parliamentary group, 1877–1922...

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