• Race (biology)
    Race (biology)
    In biology, races are distinct genetically divergent populations within the same species with relatively small morphological and genetic differences. The populations can be described as ecological races if they arise from adaptation to different local habitats or geographic races when they are...

    , classification of flora and fauna
  • Race (classification of humans)
  • Race (fantasy), classification of species in the fantasy genre


  • Harley Race
    Harley Race
    Harley Leland Race is a retired American professional wrestler and current promoter and trainer. During his career as a wrestler, he held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship 7 times...

     (* 1943), US-American wrestler, coach and promoter
  • Hugo Race
    Hugo Race
    Hugo Race is an Australian rock musician and record producer who has been based in Europe since 1989. He was a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, before forming The Wreckery with Nick Barker and Robin Casinader in the 1980s. He is currently a member of Hugo Race and the True Spirit.Race is...

    , Australian musician
  • Janice Race
    Janice Race
    -Biography:A native of The Bronx, Race was employed by DC Comics in the 1980s and had worked as a textbook editor for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich before entering the comics industry. She served as an Associate Editor for Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway as well as an editor in her own right...

    , US-American, former comic book editor for DC Comics
    DC Comics
    DC Comics, Inc. is one of the largest and most successful companies operating in the market for American comic books and related media. It is the publishing unit of DC Entertainment a company of Warner Bros. Entertainment, which itself is owned by Time Warner...

  • John Abner Race
    John Abner Race
    John Abner Race was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1965-1967 serving on the House Committee of Interior and Insular Affairs. In 1958, Race was elected to the Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin Board of Supervisors. He also served on the state vocations board. He came to...

     (1914–1983), US-American politician
  • Steve Race
    Steve Race
    Stephen Russell Race OBE was a British composer, pianist and radio and television presenter.-Biography:Born in Lincoln, the son of a lawyer, Race learned the piano from the age of five...

     (1921-2009), British musician and radio personality

Film and television

  • The Race (2002 film)
    The Race (2002 film)
    The Race is a 2002 french movie directed by Djamel Bensalah starring Hélène de Fougerolles, Roschdy Zem and Josiane Balasko.- Plot :...

     (Le raid), a French film starring Josiane Balasko
    Josiane Balasko
    Josiane Balasko is a French actress, writer and director.She was born Josiane Balašković in Paris. One of Balasko's most recognized roles among English speakers is as a lesbian in 1995's Gazon maudit...

  • Race (2007 film), an animated sci-fi film
  • Race (2008 film), a Bollywood thriller
  • The Race (2009 film), a film starring Colm Meaney
    Colm Meaney
    Colm J. Meaney is an Irish actor widely known for playing Miles O'Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He is second only to Michael Dorn in most appearances in Star Trek episodes. He has guest-starred on many TV shows from Law & Order to The Simpsons...

  • Race (2011 film)
    Race (2011 film)
    Race is a 2011 Malayalam thriller film directed by Kukku Surendran and starrring Kunchacko Boban, Mamta Mohandas, Indrajith, Baby Anikha, and Gowri Munjal. An adaptation of the Hollywood film Trapped , which itself was based on Greg Iles's novel 24 Hours, the film also borrows premises from the...

    , a Malayalam thriller
  • The Race (TV series)
    The Race (TV series)
    The Race was a one-off reality television programme broadcast on Sky One in the UK in November 2006, hosted by Denise van Outen. The show pitted two teams of celebrities against one another; each led by a professional Formula One racing driver in a battle of the sexes.-Contestants:The Boys :*Nigel...

    , a 2006 UK reality programme

TV episodes
  • "The Race" (The Goodies)
  • "The Race" (Joe 90)
  • "The Race" (Seinfeld)


  • The Race (novel)
    The Race (novel)
    The Race a political thriller written by Richard North Patterson. It is set during the 2008 presidential election, and revolves around fictional Ohioan Senator Corey Grace, and his quest to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States...

    , by Richard North Patterson
  • Race (play), by David Mamet
  • The Race (Worldwar)
    The Race (Worldwar)
    The Race refers to the fictional alien invaders of Harry Turtledove's Worldwar tetralogy, Colonization trilogy and Homeward Bound...

    , fictional aliens in the works of Harry Turtledove
  • Colonel Race
    Colonel Race
    Colonel Race is a fictional character created by British mystery novelist Agatha Christie.Race is a highly intelligent ex-Army Colonel who had a stint as a leader of the counter intelligence division of the British spy agency MI5. He is immensely rich, having inherited the fortune of "Sir Lawrence...

    , an Agatha Christie character


  • The Race (band)
    The Race (band)
    The Race is an indie rock band formed in 2004 in Reading, UK. Likened to bands such as U2 and Arcade Fire by music magazines the NME, Drowned In Sound and The Fly. Buchanan's vocals have a strong, Cure-like quality, the band released their first long-playing album in 2006 through Shifty Disco...

    , a UK indie rock band
  • "The Race" (Wiz Khalifa song)
    The Race (Wiz Khalifa song)
    "The Race" is the second promotional single by American rapper Wiz Khalifa from his third studio album, Rolling Papers. The song was written by Wiz Khalifa and produced by I.D. Labs.The song debuted and peaked at #66 on the Billboard Hot 100....

  • "The Race" (Yello song)
    The Race (Yello song)
    "The Race" is the first single from Yello's 1988 album Flag.-Release history:In 1988 the single was released in 7", 12" and CD formats throughout the world, and additionally as a cassette single in other places. The limited edition single contained a remix by Paul Dakeyne...

  • "The Race", a song by Cajun Dance Party from The Colourful Life
    The Colourful Life
    The Colourful Life is the debut album by British 5 piece Cajun Dance Party, recorded whilst studying for their A-Levels.The band released the song "The Hill, The View & The Lights" the only song on the album to feature Vicky Freund on vocals, as a free download from their website to promote the...

Science and technology

  • Race condition
    Race condition
    A race condition or race hazard is a flaw in an electronic system or process whereby the output or result of the process is unexpectedly and critically dependent on the sequence or timing of other events...

    , a computer programming error
  • RACE encoding
    Race encoding
    RACE encoding is a method for encoding foreign languages that use non-English characters in ASCII characters for storage in domain name system servers. All names without non-English characters are unchanged...

    , an ASCII encoding syntax
  • Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
    Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
    The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service is a standby radio service provided for in Part 97.407 of the Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations governing amateur radio in the United States....

  • Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends, a molecular biology technique
  • Research and Development in Advanced Communications Technologies in Europe, a European Union program

Other uses

  • A racing
    A sport race is a competition of speed, against an objective criterion, usually a clock or to a specific point. The competitors in a race try to complete a given task in the shortest amount of time...

  • RACE (automobile association)
    RACE (automobile association)
    The Real Automóvil Club de España , is the Spanish equivialent of the American Automobile Association in the United States of America or the Automobile Association in the United Kingdom....

  • Race (bearing)
    Race (bearing)
    The rolling-elements of a rolling-element bearing ride on races. The large race that goes into a bore is called the outer race, and the small race that the shaft rides in is called the inner race.-Manufacture:...

    , a part of a mechanical device
  • RACE (container)
    RACE (container)
    Railways of Australia Container Express or RACE was a slightly wider version of the standard ISO shipping container able to take 2 Australia Standard Pallets side by side...

  • Race – The Official WTCC Game, a computer game
  • The Race (yachting race)
    The Race (yachting race)
    The Race was a round-the-world sailing race starting in Barcelona, Spain on December 31, 2000. It was the first ever non-stop, no-rules, no-limits, round-the-world sailing event, with a $2 million US prize...

  • Mill race
    Mill race
    A mill race, raceway or mill lade is the current or channel of a stream, especially one for conducting water to or from a water wheel or other device for utilizing its energy...

    , the channel of a stream
  • Tidal race
    Tidal race
    Tidal race is a natural occurrence whereby a fast moving tide passes through a constriction resulting in the formation of waves, eddies and hazardous currents...

    , a fast-moving tide passing through a constriction
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