Rabiul Karim
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| Batting style || colspan="2" | Unknown
| Bowling type
Types of bowlers in cricket
In the sport of cricket there are two broad categories of bowlers: pace bowlers and spin bowlers. Pace bowlers rely mostly on the speed of the ball to dismiss batsmen, whereas spin bowlers rely on the rotation of the ball.-Pace bowlers:...

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| style="font-size: larger;" | First-class
First-class cricket
First-class cricket is a class of cricket that consists of matches of three or more days' scheduled duration, that are between two sides of eleven players and are officially adjudged first-class by virtue of the standard of the competing teams...

| style="font-size: larger;" | List A
| Matches || 4 || 2
| Runs scored || 220 || 34
| Batting average
Batting average
Batting average is a statistic in both cricket and baseball that measures the performance of cricket batsmen and baseball hitters. The two statistics are related in that baseball averages are directly descended from the concept of cricket averages.- Cricket :...

 || 31.42 || 17
| 100s/50s || -/2 || -/-
| Top score || 64 || 32
| Balls bowled || 0 || 0
| Wicket
In the sport of cricket the word wicket has several distinct meanings:-Definitions of wicket:Most of the time, the wicket is one of the two sets of three stumps and two bails at either end of the pitch...

s || 0 || 0
| Bowling average
Bowling average
Bowling average is a statistic measuring the performance of bowlers in the sport of cricket.A bowler's bowling average is defined as the total number of runs conceded by the bowlers divided by the number of wickets taken by the bowler, so the lower the average the better. It is similar to earned...

 || - || -
| 5 wickets in innings
An inning, or innings, is a fixed-length segment of a game in any of a variety of sports – most notably cricket and baseball during which one team attempts to score while the other team attempts to prevent the first from scoring. In cricket, the term innings is both singular and plural and is...

 || - || -
| 10 wickets in match || - || -
| Best bowling || - || -
| Catches/stumpings || 8/- || 1/-
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Debut: 14 February 2007

Last appearance: 29 March 2007

Source: CricketArchive

Rabiul Karim is a First class and List A cricketer from Bangladesh who made his debut for Rajshahi Division in 2006/07.

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