RATS may refer to:
  • RATS (statistical package)
    RATS (statistical package)
    RATS, an abbreviation of Regression Analysis of Time Series, is a statistical package for time series analysis and econometrics. RATS is developed and sold by Estima, Inc. , located in Evanston, IL.-History:...

    , Regression Analysis of Time Series, a statistical package
  • Rough Auditing Tool for Security, a computer program
  • Robot Astronomy Talk Show, an animated educational series that's part of NASA's IRrelevant Astronomy
    IRrelevant Astronomy
    IRrelevant Astronomy is a video podcast feed produced by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Unlike many other podcasts, it is set up more like a television network, with multiple series and stand-alone videos released on this single "channel." To date, the content included on the feed has all...

  • R.A.T.S.(Robot Anti-Terror Squad) a 1980's toyline by Tomy
  • Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's anti-terrorism branch.
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