• Research on Armenian Architecture
    Research on Armenian Architecture
    Research on Armenian Architecture, sometimes abbreviated to RAA, is an international non-governmental organization that monitors and studies Armenian monuments located outside the borders of the present-day Republic of Armenia, such as in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Turkey and elsewhere...

  • Ralph Appelbaum Associates
  • Recreation and Amusement Association
    Recreation and Amusement Association
    The , or more literally Special Comfort Facility Association, was the official euphemism for the prostitution centers arranged for occupying U.S...

    , a system of brothels set up by the Japanese government for US occupation forces
  • Recreational Aircraft Association
  • Recreational Aviation Australia
    Recreational Aviation Australia
    Recreational Aviation Australia , formerly known as the Australian Ultralight Federation , is the governing body for ultralights in Australia....

  • Reductio ad absurdum
    Reductio ad absurdum
    In logic, proof by contradiction is a form of proof that establishes the truth or validity of a proposition by showing that the proposition's being false would imply a contradiction...

  • Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone system
  • Research & Academic Architecture, PC
  • Riksantikvarieämbetet (National Heritage Board of Sweden)
  • Right atrial appendage
  • Rise Against Alliansen (Swedish supporters of the band Rise Against
    Rise Against
    Rise Against is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1999. The band currently consists of Tim McIlrath , Zach Blair , Joe Principe and Brandon Barnes .Rise Against spent its first five years signed to the independent record label Fat Wreck Chords, on which it...

  • Royal Australian Artillery, a corps in the Australian Army
  • Royal Automobile Association
    Royal Automobile Association
    The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia, also known simply as RAA, is a South Australian automobile club providing a range of member services including: 24-hour emergency breakdown, vehicle inspection, motoring advocacy, road safety, legal services, technical advice, travel services,...

  • Ruby Application Archive
    Ruby Application Archive
    Ruby Application Archive is a repository of applications for Ruby programming language development.As of June 2005, it had four categories:* Application: more than 400 projectsTools for development and network middleware, including web frameworks, games,...

  • The Rural Alberta Advantage
    The Rural Alberta Advantage
    The Rural Alberta Advantage is a Canadian indie rock band that formed in 2005. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the band consists of Nils Edenloff on lead vocals and guitar, Amy Cole on backing vocals and keyboard, and Paul Banwatt on drums....

    , a Canadian indie band
  • Onomatopoeic description of the sound that a beast makes when expelling a terrifying roar.


  • Raa or Rā
    In Māori mythology, Tama-nui-te-rā is the personification of the Sun.Māui decided that the days were too short and caught Tamanui-te-rā with a snare, then beat him to make him travel more slowly across the sky. In some legends Tama-nui-te-rā is the husband of Ārohirohi, goddess of mirages...

    , the personification of the sun in Māori mythology
  • Raa Atoll
    Raa Atoll
    Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll or Raa Atoll is an administrative division from the Maldives. The capital is Ungoofaaru. It includes Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll proper and the island of Alifushi.1...

    , an administrative division of the Maldives
  • Raa
    Thaana, Taana or Tāna is the modern writing system of the Divehi language spoken in the Maldives. Taana has characteristics of both an abugida and a true alphabet , with consonants derived from indigenous and Arabic numerals, and vowels derived from the vowel diacritics of the Arabic abjad...

    , the fourth consonant of the Thaana abugaida used in Dhivehi
  • Raa an Upendra film Released in 2001
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