Quiapo may refer to:
  • Quiapo, Chile
    Quiapo, Chile
    Quiapo is a place in Arauco Province of Chile that is 25 kilometers to the Southwest of Arauco and about 25 kilometers to the north and east of the port of Lebu to the east of the Bahia del Carnero and 6.4 kilometers west of the small town of Villa Alegre...

     a location in Arauco Province
  • Quiapo, Manila
    Quiapo, Manila
    Quiapo is a district and city square of Manila. Referred as the "Old Downtown", Quiapo in known for where cheap buys or goods are being sold at rock-bottom prices and was the home of the Quiapo Church, where the feast for the Black Nazarene is held, with over millions of people attending...

    in the Philippines
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