The genus Proscyllium is a small genus of fin-back catsharks in the family Proscylliidae. It currently consists of the following species:
  • Proscyllium habereri Hilgendorf
    Franz Martin Hilgendorf
    Franz Martin Hilgendorf was a German zoologist and paleontologist. Hilgendorf's research on fossil snails from the Steinheim crater in the early 1860s became a palaeontological evidence for the theory of evolution published by Charles Darwin in 1859.-Life and work:Franz Hilgendorf was born...

    , 1904
    (Graceful catshark)
  • Proscyllium magnificum Last & Vongpanich, 2004 (Magnificent catshark)
  • Proscyllium venustum
    Proscyllium venustum
    Proscyllium venustum is a finback catshark of the family Proscylliidae, found in the temperate northwest Pacific Ocean, in the Okinawa Trough. Little else is known about this harmless oviparous species....

    (S. Tanaka (I)
    Shigeho Tanaka
    was a Japanese ichthyologist and professor of zoology at the Imperial University of Tokyo. He published numerous works on fishes and sharks and co-authored a book on Japanese fish with famous American scientist David Starr Jordan.Publications:...

    , 1912)
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